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Disability discrimination victory


A veteran prison officer who was sacked after the autoimmune disorder from which she suffered prevented her from working full time was discriminated against due to her disability and dismissed… Read More

‘Mouldy’ rice cargo triggers dispute


Shipping contracts usually impose liability for cargo damage arising during loading or unloading on carriers. However, that position can be overridden by clear contractual wording and that is what… Read More

‘Secondary victim’ denied compensation


In a decision that will come as a huge relief to the NHS, a man who was traumatised by the sight of his stricken wife in hospital following a botched operation has been denied compensation by the… Read More

Derby domain name spat


If you are planning a new venture or product launch, registering relevant Internet domain names in advance is essential. One local authority which failed to do so ended up in costly dispute with a… Read More

Rude salesman justifiably dismissed


Good customer services are essential for any business dealing with the public and lapses can be stamped on by regulators who have power to impose heavy fines on defaulters. The point was well made… Read More

What Is a merger situation?


In an important case for the business community, the scope of the Competition and Markets Authority’s power to intervene in corporate mergers came under the High Court spotlight after the demise of… Read More

Schoolboy's swimming pool tragedy


A schoolboy who nearly drowned in a public swimming pool after negligent lifeguards failed to notice that he was in difficulty has won the right to up to £5 million compensation for the serious… Read More

Nursery school did not discriminate


Every careful employer should be aware that the duty not to discriminate arises at the very moment when a prospective employee applies for a job. In one case, a nursery school was accused of… Read More

Technology and law


The wheels of justice have a reputation for moving slowly, but a case in which three directors quit a technology company, taking a cohort of its strategic staff with them before setting up in… Read More

Husky pensioner wins compensation


A pensioner who was left with a weak, husky and painful voice following negligent surgery at an NHS hospital has won £35,000 in compensation. As a result of her injury, the 70-year-old woman had… Read More

Travellers win £24,000 for discrimination

Pub bar

In a ground-breaking case, a group of travellers, gypsies and their supporters have won damages of £24,000 after being refused entry to a pub. A judge found that they had suffered direct race… Read More

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