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Zero hours exclusivity banned


The first commencement order made under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 has banned exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts with effect from 26 May 2015.  Specifically… Read More

‘People Power’ protects flower meadow


In an example of the kind of ‘people power’ encouraged by the Localism Act 2011, campaigners who are desperate to save an 'enchanting' flower meadow from the prospect of large-scale housing… Read More

Open justice prevails for BBC


In a guideline decision, which involved the balancing of freedom of expression rights against an individual’s entitlement to privacy, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that a former BBC… Read More

NHS blunder costs £8 million


Lawyers representing a woman whose heart was punctured during an operation to deal with complications arising from an ectopic pregnancy have achieved an £8 million settlement of her claim against… Read More

Record £13 million for 8 year old


An eight-year-old girl who was left severely disabled by a bout of meningitis shortly after her birth has won an NHS damages award worth more than £13 million. The payout is believed to be a record… Read More

Telemarketing company fined £75,000


Nuisance sales calls can be a major irritation and a plague on privacy – but the law is not powerless to bring those responsible to book. In one case, a rogue telemarketing company has been fined… Read More

Crime victim’s £3 million put in trust


Compensation paid to victims of violent crime should never benefit those who caused their injuries but when assaults are committed in a family context it is often extremely difficult to ensure that… Read More

"Commoditised" advice was negligent


An ex-miner has won compensation from solicitors who let him down after he developed the debilitating condition vibration white finger (VWF). The Court of Appeal found that the law firm had failed… Read More

£85 car parking charge 'justified'

Car park

An £85 charge levied on a motorist who outstayed his welcome in a free shopping centre car park triggered a contract dispute which raised novel issues and required the full attention of three Court… Read More

No remedy for sacked non-dom employee


In an age of easy travel and global companies, it can be hard to say where some employees 'hang their hats'. In one case, a globe-trotting worker – who confined his time in the UK to less than 90… Read More

Transgender woman's objection dismissed


Individual human rights sometimes have to give ground to the wider public interest in coherent rules applying to all. In one such case, a transgender woman who objected to being called her… Read More

Pressure grows for compensation rise


In an age of low interest rates and perennially poor returns on investment, potential under-compensation of seriously injured crime or negligence victims has become a burning issue. In one such… Read More

Compensation for back injury dad


A family man, who faces life in a wheelchair after doctors failed to treat a back injury with sufficient urgency, can look forward to a better future after securing a seven-figure settlement of his… Read More

Messy contracts unenforceable


Long-standing business relationships can lead to tangled contractual arrangements, as one company discovered when its £8.2 million damages claim against a former client it had dealt with for many… Read More

Divorce - one bite of the cherry


When it comes to dividing marital assets following divorce, you only get one bite of the cherry and high quality legal advice is essential from the outset. One ex-husband discovered the truth of… Read More

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