Compensation for man who jumped from taxi

Posted: 30th April 2015

taxisA man who jumped from a moving taxi – after the cabbie 'imprisoned' him in the back seat in the mistaken belief that he planned to dodge his fare – will receive substantial compensation for his catastrophic injuries.

After picking the man up from a rank, the driver formed the view that he was intent on ‘doing a runner’. Instead of delivering the man to his home, he kept him in the car and began to drive him back to the rank. The man thought that he was being abducted and jumped from the taxi when it was moving at 20mph. He suffered severe brain injuries, resulting in lifelong disability, when his head hit the road.

The High Court ruled that the driver had been negligent and that there was no basis for his belief that the man intended to make off without payment. Keeping him in the vehicle against his will amounted to false imprisonment. The Court also found that jumping from the cab was an act of folly and that the man was thus substantially to blame for his own misfortune.

Responsibility for the accident was apportioned equally between the driver and his passenger. The claimant’s damages have yet to be assessed but his award is likely to be a seven-figure sum, even after a 50 per cent reduction. The driver was also ordered to pay him £250 for false imprisonment!