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Mental abilities waning? See a solicitor..


The twilight years of many pensioners are blighted by family squabbles over the destination of their assets. One High Court case underlined how many such problems can be avoided by consultation of a… Read More

‘Google Three’ win right to sue


Three Internet users who claim that their privacy rights were violated by Google when the search engine gathered information on their browsing habits for marketing purposes have achieved a landmark… Read More

Holiday pay and commission


Following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Lock v British Gas Trading Limited that an employee's holiday pay must take account of his commission payments, the… Read More

Prince Charles’ letters - landmark judgment


In a landmark decision, which reaffirmed the democratic division between the roles of the judiciary and the executive, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Attorney General (AG) breached fundamental… Read More

Mental illness and negligence


In a test case which raises important issues in respect of injuries caused by mentally ill people, a man who risked his life when trying to rescue his uncle – who burned himself to death whilst in… Read More

Wife was‘collateral victim’ of harassment


In a decision which recognised for the first time that harassment can harm not just those directly targeted, but also their loved ones, the Court of Appeal has awarded £6,000 in damages to the wife… Read More

Pension flexibility – the new rules

Mature couple

There has been a great deal of publicity about the forthcoming changes in the law relating to pensions and their uses. The changes are comprehensive. They alter the tax position significantly as… Read More

Memory sticks - don't forget them!


Short of searching members of staff, it may appear that there is little an employer can do to prevent memory sticks being used for wholesale breaches of confidentiality. Not so - one company… Read More

Director jailed after worker crushed

Work injuries

Breaches of health and safety rules in the workplace can lead to criminal convictions, heavy fines and even jail for senior management. In one such case, the nation’s most senior judge made an… Read More

Get your will right!

Dearly departed

It may seem obvious that, when signing your will, you should carefully read it through to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes. One man’s failure to do just that triggered a costly High… Read More

Businessman claimed emails were forged


The risks of concluding contracts by email, without taking legal advice, were only too plain when a businessman was found personally liable for his company’s debts. He was granted a reprieve by the… Read More

Hope for hard-pressed divorcee


Divorcees who fall on hard times have been given hope by a landmark Supreme Court ruling which enabled an impoverished ex-wife to seek financial provision from her multi-millionaire former husband… Read More

Executive misused employer’s email account

Football stand

Workers tempted to use their employers’ email acounts for purposes which could cause offence should take note of a High Court case in which a senior manager at a Championship football club lost the… Read More

Big Bang 2015

Big Bang 2015

A group of Year 8 pupils from Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne have been shortlisted as finalists in the National Science + Engineering Competition taking place at “Big Bang UK” in Birmingham next… Read More

Disabled IT worker suffered discrimination


A disabled IT specialist who was cut out of the communication loop by his employer whilst on long-term sick leave has triumphed in a discrimination claim and will receive thousands of pounds in… Read More

Piracy not an insured loss


In a ruling of crucial significance to those engaged in international trade, the Court of Appeal has emphasised that cargos are not insured against high seas piracy unless cover for such risks is… Read More

Accountants see off £45 million claim


Contractual clauses which seek to exclude potential liability for negligence are often ineffective but an accountancy firm has defeated a £45 million professional negligence claim after the High… Read More

Firm lost £3 million to ‘enemy within’


Businesses tend to focus on the competition – but a case in which two employees of a leading recruitment firm succeeded in defrauding their employers of almost £3 million revealed that the enemy can… Read More

Single employee an ‘organised grouping’


In what some may view as a counter-intuitive decision, but one which has significant implications for employers, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a single employee was by herself capable of… Read More

Longer notice for marriages and CPs


From 2 March 2015, the notice period in England and Wales for entering into a marriage or civil partnership has been extended from 15 days to 28 days. The move has been made in an effort to deter… Read More

Police press release violated privacy rights

Police car

A finance professional whose reputation, health and working life were blighted when he was listed as a 'most wanted' man in a police press release, and his photograph made its way onto the front… Read More

Beach was not a 'village green'!


In a decision of interest to anyone who enjoys walking a dog or playing cricket on the nation’s foreshore, the Supreme Court has ruled that a beach adjoining the Sussex port of Newhaven was wrongly… Read More

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