Botched flu jab costs £500,000+

Posted: 22nd January 2015

NHSA nurse who lost the career she loved after a botched flu jab left her with a virtually useless left arm has won more than £500,000 in damages from the NHS. The injection, administered by a colleague at the prison where she worked, caused damage to the woman’s radial nerve, resulting in chronic regional pain syndrome.

Almost five years after the accident, the 48-year-old remained severely disabled and wore her arm in a splint. She had greatly enjoyed her nursing career for 25 years, but her lawyers said that she was unlikely ever to be able to work again. It was accepted on all sides that the injection caused neurological dysfunction, characterised by severe neuropathic pain, and that her symptoms were entirely genuine.

The nurse sued her NHS employers, who admitted liability but disputed the value of her claim. However, on the second day of the hearing of her case at the High Court, a settlement, worth more than £500,000, was agreed. She said later that she was ‘thrilled’ by the outcome of her case.