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No pensions for part-time ET members


In an important test case, part-time medical members of tribunals have failed to convince the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) that they should be entitled to pensions like their full-time… Read More

Mental illness a criminal injury


A man who says that he can only enjoy sado-masochistic sex after he was abused as a child has won an important victory in his fight for substantial compensation. In the first case of its kind, the… Read More

Pop star wins passing-off claim


Celebrities have never had a monopoly over the commercial use of their photographic images – but allowing a retailer to sell a T-shirt emblazoned with a pop star’s iconic photo would amount to… Read More

Companies House error ruined business


In an unprecedented case, a simple spelling error by Companies House – in which a single letter ‘s’ was mistakenly left out of an official document – caused the collapse of a 124-year-old family… Read More

Armed Forces personnel ‘not employees’


In the context of compensation claims brought by members of the armed forces who are injured at work, the High Court has emphasised that services personnel are not employed by the Ministry of… Read More

Postal thefts highlight cheque risks


In a reminder  to businesses that the security of the public postal service can never be completely guaranteed, and that sending cheques in the post is not risk free, a sorting office worker managed… Read More

Botched flu jab costs £500,000+


A nurse who lost the career she loved after a botched flu jab left her with a virtually useless left arm has won more than £500,000 in damages from the NHS. The injection, administered by a… Read More

Doctor finds going hard in tax spat


A doctor’s foray into the glamorous world of racehorse ownership led to a guideline case in which the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) analysed the vexed issue of what differentiates a commercial trade… Read More

Business entertaining VAT test case


Perennial issues over the tax treatment of business entertaining expenses came to the fore as a leading accountancy firm sought a VAT refund, going back more than 25 years, on the costs of feeding… Read More

Minimum wage offenders named


The Government has announced the names of a further 37 employers who have failed to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage (NMW).  Collectively, the offenders owe a total of £177,000 in arrears… Read More

War over ‘confusing’ car rental logos

Car lot

Giant car rental companies met head-to-head in court after both of them adopted a stylised lower case ‘e’ as their corporate logos. The High Court upheld trade mark infringement and passing off… Read More

Judge orders Court Service to pay


In a case which highlighted the impact of legal aid cuts on the family justice system, a teenager who faced being cross-examined in court by a man accused of sexually abusing her will instead be… Read More

DWP guidance on 'Fit for Work' service

Blood pressure kit

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published guidance for employers and employees on the new 'Fit for Work' service, previously called the Health and Work Service, which is being rolled… Read More

'Green' objection dismissed


A ‘green’ entrepreneur who objects to the internet on religious and moral grounds has failed to convince a tribunal that the legal requirement to file his VAT returns online amounts to a violation… Read More

Shared Parental Leave and pay


Under the new Shared Parental Leave arrangements, eligible parents of children due to be born or adopted on or after 5 April 2015 have more flexibility as to how they take time off work to care for… Read More

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