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Disastrous currency swaps cost 4 million


A company which engaged in disastrous currency swaps with an investment bank is facing up to a bill for more than $4 million after the High Court ruled that it could not escape liability by reason… Read More

£6.9 Million for premature birth victim


A young man who was left needing care for life after being starved of oxygen in an ambulance following his premature birth at a hospital which lacked full emergency obstetric facilities has won a… Read More

Medics' conscientious objection


Two devoutly Roman Catholic midwives who refused to take even supervisory roles in the termination of pregnancies have failed to convince the Supreme Court that their NHS employer trampled on their… Read More

Obesity can constitute a disability - ECJ


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that obesity can constitute a 'disability' within the meaning of EU Directive 2000/78/EC, which establishes a general framework for equal treatment in… Read More

Battle for super yacht commission


At what point does an agent’s introduction of an eventual buyer become an ‘effective cause’ of the sale? The Court of Appeal will consider that vital issue as brokers battle for a 10 per cent… Read More

Extra-territorial reach of the ET?


A novel attempt to deploy human rights legislation to extend the territorial reach of UK employment tribunals, so that they could deal with whistleblowing cases from around the globe, has failed but… Read More

£50,000 bill for disloyal employee


A senior company employee who violated the duty of good faith and fidelity he owed his bosses when he upped sticks and set up a rival recycling business paid a heavy price for his disloyalty when… Read More

Controversial tribunal fees ruled lawful


Controversial charges imposed on those who use Employment Tribunals (ETs) have been approved by the High Court – despite a trade union’s plea that they discriminate against the poor, weak and… Read More

Wheelchairs, buses & discrimination


In a test case tackling the outer limits of disability discrimination, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a bus company was not obliged to have in place a policy requiring mothers with pushchairs to… Read More

Bank's error did not cause collapse


A beleaguered businessman came tantalisingly close to victory when he managed to convince the High Court that a high street bank was in breach of contract when it delayed processing a crucial… Read More

Son ‘unlawfully excluded’ from £1.2m home


A 79-year-old mother has been ordered to sell the £1.2 million home where she has lived for almost 40 years - because she cannot share it with the grown-up son she loathes. The mother, a former… Read More

Specsavers survey reveals shortcomings


Many workers spend a large part of their day looking at a computer screen, laptop or touch screen. However, a survey commissioned by Specsavers, covering 138 companies of varying sizes in both the… Read More

Protocol costs Saudi Prince $6 million


A Saudi Arabian prince who said that he was prevented by ‘protocol’ from engaging in extraordinarily bitter commercial litigation in London has been landed with a multi-million-dollar bill as a… Read More

Harvey Nics wins anti-fur injunction


Famed department store Harvey Nichols has won a High Court injunction against anti-fur protestors to stop what it characterised as 'nuisance' tactics disturbing its customers. The retailer had… Read More

Brain tumour victim’s will valid

Last will

Two sisters who said their cancer-stricken mother did not know her own mind when she left the lion’s share of her substantial estate to her partner, who was barely half her age, have failed in a… Read More

Lights, camera, action!


Hollywood held its breath last month and heralded the arrival of a potential future star of the silver screen. The unlikely film debut of our own Michael Williamson was the result of an invitation… Read More

Stamp duty changes


The basis on which stamp duty is charged is being changed in a move that will benefit most purchasers of property. The old system applied a single rate of stamp duty to the sale price, based on the… Read More

High 5 !

Party balloons

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us! It’s just five years on 1 December since Williamsons opened its doors for the first time, following the departure of Michael Williamson and his team from… Read More

‘Gutsy’ teenager awarded £6 million


A 'splendid, admirable and gutsy' teenager who has exceeded all the expectations of medical experts in coping with the disabilities he was born with, due to a negligent delay in his delivery, has… Read More

Demand the best

SD extract

The dangers of cheap advice were exposed in the course of a recent challenge to the blunt tactics of unqualified debt collectors. Williamsons made successful application on behalf of clients who had… Read More

Adjudicator ‘no jurisdiction’ in £1.6M dispute


Many find adjudication a swift and cost-effective means of settling contract disputes. However, in one striking case, an adjudicator’s decision in a dispute relating to the installation of… Read More

Holiday pay and overtime – no appeal


In the latest case on workers' remuneration during annual leave (Bear Scotland Ltd. and Others v Fulton and Others), the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decided that employers should include… Read More

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