ProACT Partnership

Posted: 12th November 2014

RCJWilliamsons has been instructed to pursue proceedings against ProAct Partnership in Cyprus. 

The claimant, who will be 70 years old next month, alleges that she sold a property in Cyprus in the spring of 2013.  She engaged ProAct Partnership, a local company run by UK nationals, to act on her behalf. The sale completed at the end of April 2013 when Mrs X received approximately €50,000 of the total sale price. €30,000 remained outstanding.

It took until the beginning of October 2013 for ProAct to pay her another €16,000 approximately, leaving a balance of €14,000 or so outstanding.  To this day, she says she has not received a penny more.

Williamsons became involved at the beginning of this year and contacted ProAct Partnership by email and telephone.  The main figure is a man called Sam Orgill who seems generally very difficult to contact. 

A posting to the company’s Facebook account in late February produced a communication from “Lizzie” who, after one or two further rounds of communication, emailed on 5 March 2014 to say:-

                 “Thank you for your email, we will settle this matter on Friday 7 March 2014”.

They did not. Further acknowledgement on 21 March 2014 that the sum of €14,000 was owed was accompanied by a long explanation of how closure of the banks in Cyprus in Spring 2013 had a huge impact on the business and how this had “drained the company of cash”.

ProAct reiterated then a proposal to pay 4% interest on the balance held (despite the suggestion in the preceding explanation that they had no money to hold) and then offered repayment of capital and interest after three months.

"Further promises in subsequent months have come to nothing and our elderly client’s patience is exhausted," said Michael Williamson. "This is a scandalous way to treat a retired septuagenarian trusting you to deal properly with her affairs hundreds of miles away."

Williamsons have been assured by Mr Orgill that the dissolved company, ProAct Partnership UK Limited has nothing to do with the business in Cyprus even though that dissolved company had its registered office at Gainsborough House, 59 – 60 Thames Street Windsor - the same address displayed on the ProAct Partnership UK website advertising expatriate advice etc.