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Will Aid effort set to raise over £2,000

Will aid

Williamsons expect to have helped raise over £2,100 for charity in the course of the November Will Aid campaign.  The firm began receiving instructions under the scheme at the end of October.  The… Read More

Mental illness in the workplace – EAT rules


In a case which put the spotlight on the difficulties posed by mental illness in the workplace, a paranoid schizophrenic who was dismissed from his job for gross misconduct after he launched… Read More

Contraceptive coil blunder costs £2 million


A seven-year-old boy who was brain damaged when he was born prematurely after his mother was fitted with a contraceptive coil when already 14 weeks pregnant has won more than £2 million in damages… Read More

First round to Visa!

Shop window

High street retailers who claim that the charges they shoulder for accepting Visa card payments breach competition laws have suffered a serious blow to their case after a judge ruled out the… Read More

Poisonous letter led to disinheritance


In a family tragedy played out in public at the High Court, a judge has ruled that a widow who told her mother that she never wanted to see her again and wished she was dead had only herself to… Read More

Court stamps on internet counterfeits


On application of the proprietors of a stable of luxury brands – including Montblanc and Cartier – the High Court has taken robust action to stem the enormous tide of counterfeit goods making their… Read More

Employment Tribunal ‘researched internet’


Members of an Employment Tribunal (ET) have been criticised for falling into a trap which more commonly ensnares unqualified jurors by resorting to the Internet in a bid to fill gaps in the evidence… Read More

Acas publishes Early Conciliation figures


Since 6 May 2014, it is a legal requirement, unless an exemption applies, for anyone wishing to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal (ET) to first notify the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration… Read More

Sacked housing officer wins appeal


A former housing association officer who succeeded in an unfair dismissal claim – but was awarded not a penny for the impact which his unlawful treatment had on his future earnings – has been handed… Read More

Removals firm guilty of 'passing off'


In an unusual case which sounded a warning to small businesses, a family removals firm ended up being taken to the High Court after it inadvertently proclaimed its membership of a trade association… Read More

‘Flesh eating bug’ hospital claim


The widower of a devoted grandmother, who was killed by the ‘flesh eating bug’ just three days after she slipped on snow in her driveway and cut her arm, is seeking substantial damages from the NHS… Read More

$25 million 'freezer' for diamond dealer


An international bank which claims to be owed more than $25 million by a Belgian diamond dealership, and is engaged in a worldwide hunt for assets to satisfy the debt, has won a High Court order… Read More

Supreme Court PPI judgment


The unfairness and harm caused by payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling has been underlined by a Supreme Court decision – which revealed that, of a £5,780 premium paid by a novice borrower… Read More

Scuppered skipper wins claim


A businessman has won damages of almost £500,000 from bespoke boat builders after his newly-purchased luxury yacht ran aground and sank whilst he holidayed with his family in Majorca. The 60-foot… Read More

Tesco’s comparisons ‘not misleading’


The vexed issue of comparative advertising came under scrutiny as supermarkets giant Sainsbury’s failed to convince the High Court that Tesco’s ‘Price Promise’ campaign did not compare like with… Read More

Surveyors defeat over-valuation claim


Surveyors who were accused of negligently over-valuing the site of a crumbling Victorian mental asylum have fought off a multi-million-pound damages claim after the High Court ruled that they were… Read More

Betting CEO must repay £300,000


The former chief executive of a spread betting company who helped himself to more than £300,000 of its funds before it went into special administration has been ordered to repay every penny, with… Read More

ProACT Partnership


Williamsons has been instructed to pursue proceedings against ProAct Partnership in Cyprus.  The claimant, who will be 70 years old next month, alleges that she sold a property in Cyprus in the… Read More

Music industry winning piracy war


The music industry would appear to be winning its long-running war against piracy after coming down hard on the operators of 21 websites who actively encouraged music lovers to download copies of… Read More

Compensation for kidney transplant boy


A 10-year-old boy who suffered kidney failure after he was born with a condition which was negligently managed at a private hospital has won a compensation package worth almost £5 million to pay… Read More

Earl fails to block £11.5 million sale

Tot House

One of Britain’s finest stately homes, Tottenham House, will be sold to a mystery buyer for £11.25 million – despite the fierce objections of the Earl of Cardigan – after the Court of Appeal ruled… Read More

Dishonesty and insurers - beware!


In a guideline case which underlined the need for total honesty when communicating with insurers, the owners of a vessel which suffered more than Euros 3 million of damage in a near-sinking will go… Read More

Marketing firm fined £70,000 by ICO

Nuisance call

A direct marketing company which made hundreds of unsolicited calls to members of the public has paid compensation to those involved and has been fined £70,000. In a case which underlined the… Read More

Overtime and holiday pay


In a landmark decision which will increase the pay of millions of workers, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that those who are required to work overtime are entitled to have that taken… Read More

Amateur investor too late to sue

Share fall

A woman who lost a chunk of her life savings in a misguided bid to make them grow will go uncompensated after she left it too late to sue. Susan Jacobs had in 2005 invested £65,000 - 75% of her life… Read More

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