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"Persecuted" NHS employee claim fails


A senior NHS trust employee who was sworn at and threatened by a colleague has nevertheless failed to convince a judge that she was bullied and harassed into a mental breakdown. Tracy Boylin, who… Read More

Judge aids officials vilified on the web


A judge has come to the aid of three Independent Police Complaints Commission investigators who suffered ‘utterly oppressive’ personal abuse on the web. One investigator was painted as a… Read More

Indemnities on business sales


In a warning to entrepreneurs that there can sometimes be unpleasant comebacks following the sale of a business, the ex-boss of a car insurance company is facing a £2 million-plus High Court claim… Read More

£1.6 million freezing order overturned


A British solicitor and businessman has succeeded in overturning a £1.6 million asset freezing order after the High Court expressed ‘serious doubts’ that he could in any way be held responsible for… Read More

Firework displays – HSE Guidance


If you are organising a public firework display to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night this year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has useful guidance on planning the event, depending on its size and… Read More

‘Consumer’ in the financial services context?


In a decision which threatens to cut down substantially on the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), a judge has ruled that a businessman who lodged a complaint against insurance… Read More

University’s disciplinary process ‘not negligent’


A senior university lecturer whose health and career suffered after she was accused of helping a colleague to create a false and misleading job reference has had her hopes of a substantial… Read More

Recession a ‘reasonable excuse’ for late tax


In an unprecedented case of significance to any hard-pressed business, a tribunal has ruled that the recession was an event that went beyond the normal hazards of trade and amounted to a ‘reasonable… Read More

Make a will with Will Aid in November

Will Aid

Williamsons are pleased to be participating in Will Aid this November.  We will waive our charge for drawing up a basic will and instead invite our clients to donate to the Will Aid group of… Read More

CIPD absence management survey


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has published the findings of its fifteenth employee absence management survey, carried out in partnership with Simplyhealth. This… Read More

Massive fraud on divorce courts uncovered


The country’s most senior family judge has uncovered a massive fraud on the English legal system in which 180 Italian couples made use of an anonymous mailbox address to lodge bogus divorce… Read More

Director ‘still an employee’ after resignation


An entrepreneur who resigned as a director of a company he founded, in order to help it out of cash flow difficulties, nevertheless continued to be an employee and was entitled to tax relief on the… Read More

Fireman’s unfair dismissal claim too late


In a reminder that in employment cases timing can be everything, a sacked fireman has had his compensation hopes dashed after he delayed too long before seeking professional advice and launching his… Read More

Surveyors pay €32 million for negligent valuation


A firm of surveyors is facing up to a Euros 32 million compensation bill after over-valuing an office building during the pre-recession period when securitising commercial mortgages was all the rage… Read More

Date set for tribunal fees judicial review

Access denied

Following the introduction of Employment Tribunal (ET) fees in July 2013, the UK's largest public service trade union, Unison, supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, brought judicial… Read More

NHS discriminated against Lupus sufferer


A clinical technician who was awarded £166,595 in compensation after she was forced to resign from her NHS post because of health problems has failed to convince the Court of Appeal that the payout… Read More

Gambler ‘cheated’ to win £7.7 million


A top poker player, who sued a Mayfair casino which refused to pay him £7.7 million in ‘winnings’ he achieved by using a technique known as ‘edge sorting’, has had his case dismissed after a judge… Read More

Third party rights in commercial contracts


In a decision which clarified the position of third parties to commercial contracts, the High Court has blocked proposals to adjudicate a £4 million dispute concerning alleged flaws in the chilled… Read More

Centenarian care home resident must move


Lawyers representing a 101-year-old woman, who argued that her death could be hastened if she were forced to move from the care home where she had lived for 15 years, have failed to convince the… Read More

Quartz festival


Williamsons are delighted to be one of the partners and sponsors for the Quartz Festival currently being held in Taunton. See the website below for more detail... Read More

‘Spot the Ball’ not a game of chance


Football fans puzzling over where to put their cross in 'spot the ball' competitions may be surprised by a tribunal’s ruling that they are neither playing a game, nor taking a chance, and that the… Read More

Sacked whistle-blower awarded £18,000


A publishing company employee who was sacked for whistleblowing has won more than £18,000 in damages after the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) rejected arguments that her own blameworthiness was… Read More

Law firm wins anti-harassment order


A law firm that was targeted by a dissatisfied former client – who embarked on an internet campaign of vilification which threatened to gravely damage the firm's reputation – has been granted an… Read More

School fails in passing-off claim


A leading state secondary school which was incensed when a similarly-titled private adult education college opened just 500 metres away has failed in a High Court bid to force the college to change… Read More

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