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Shoplifting health visitor's dismissal fair


A health visitor who lost her job after involuntarily embarking on a violent shop-lifting spree whilst in the grip of a psychiatric disturbance has failed to convince the Employment Appeal Tribunal… Read More

Time off for expectant dads

Ante natal

From 1 October 2014, an expectant father or the partner (including a same sex partner) of a pregnant woman will be entitled to take unpaid time off work to accompany the woman to up to two of her… Read More

Compensation for laser eye patient


A high street chain has been ordered to pay more than £500,000 damages after laser surgery wrecked an antiquarian book dealer's life. In a huge embarrassment for the chain, a judge found that its… Read More

Executives jailed for bribes


Any company engaged in international trade should take note of a case in which two senior executives were jailed for their involvement in bribing corrupt foreign officials in an attempt to protect… Read More

Lord Chancellor acted unlawfully


In a stunning victory for hundreds of criminal law firms – and a huge embarrassment for the Government – the High Court has struck down a cornerstone of the Lord Chancellor’s controversial reforms… Read More

Undermined estate agent unfairly dismissed


A senior estate agent, who was moved from a lucrative area manager’s post to take charge of a number of unprofitable ‘graveyard’ offices, has succeeded in an unfair dismissal claim – but will not… Read More

Sacked banker wins £66,000


A former banker whose tortuous brush with employment law earned him a damages award which failed even to cover his legal costs has won at least some recompense from a negligent law firm which… Read More

$2 billion oil dispute heads for NYC


The sale of the Russian state’s interest in a major oil company almost 20 years ago lies at the root of an intricate $2 billion dispute between three enormously wealthy businessmen which will be… Read More

£40,000 payout after holiday website row


The owner of a successful holiday firm which suffered substantial disruption and loss when a third party ‘took control’ of the website it used, and attempted to put off its customers, has been… Read More

Carer of Parkinson’s sufferer ordered out

Undue influence

In a case which underlined the vulnerabilities of old age – and the need for professional advice and careful planning to alleviate them – a carer accused of abusing the trust of an elderly woman… Read More

Fridge freezer not to blame for fire


A homeowner who blamed a devastating house fire on an alleged electrical fault in a commonplace fridge freezer had his hopes of winning compensation from its manufacturer dashed by a judge – who… Read More

Reinsurers not liable for typhoon sinking


When a passenger ferry sailed from an Asian port into the teeth of a typhoon, the result was not only a human catastrophe but an international dispute which culminated in a Court of Appeal ruling… Read More

Trader pays for walk-out


In a ground-breaking decision, the High Court has ruled that, where an employee leaves his job without notice and ceases to be paid, the employer is still entitled to keep his employment contract… Read More

‘Unimaginably rich’ gambler must meet losses


A woman who lost £2 million in a few hours at the gaming tables, has failed to convince a judge that staff at a top London casino took advantage of her gambling addiction and positively encouraged… Read More

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