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Traders fail in £6.3 million bonus claims

£20 notes

Following acrimonious litigation, in which accusations of dishonesty and bad faith were levelled on each side, two former Investec bank employees have failed to convince the High Court that they… Read More

Plans for disabled daughter end in eviction


An elderly couple’s attempt to give their disabled daughter a secure home for the foreseeable future came horribly unstuck and left her facing traumatic eviction. It could all have been very… Read More

Insurers fail to prove accident fraud


A businessman who was accused of lying about the circumstances of a slipping accident in an attempt to win £750,000 in compensation has defeated an insurance company’s bid to prove him a fraudster… Read More

‘Cultural differences’ not discriminatory

Pillar box

A Muslim Royal Mail worker whose complaint about a colleague eying naked women online was attributed by his boss to ‘cultural differences’ has failed to convince the Court of Appeal that he was a… Read More

Shirt maker wins ‘PINK’ trade mark dispute

Shirt & tie

High end Jermyn Street shirt maker Thomas Pink Limited has triumphed in a High Court trade mark dispute with 'sexy, mass market' retailers Victoria's Secret over the use of the word 'PINK' on the… Read More

Safeguarding disclosures were justified


A teacher who claimed that he was maliciously branded unsafe to work with children after confiscating a mobile phone from a pupil in class has failed in a High Court bid for £250,000 in damages… Read More

Court orders amputation of pensioner’s leg


Following an emergency hearing, the Court of Appeal has authorised NHS doctors to amputate a frail pensioner’s gangrenous left leg below the knee, despite the fierce objections of her devoted son… Read More

Disgraced financier fined £2.7 million


In a spectacular fall from grace, a once respected and highly successful financier, who resorted to dishonesty in a bid to stem the catastrophic tide of losses after the credit crunch bit, has been… Read More

‘Bullied’ teacher's hopes raised


A primary school teacher, who claims that she was bullied out of her job by a newly appointed headmistress and subjected to sex discrimination when her job description was changed, has had her hopes… Read More

Beacon of Quality


Williamsons are delighted to announce the Law Society’s decision at the end of last month to renew the firm’s Lexcel accreditation. The National Law Society’s management quality mark is described by… Read More

Bribery test case decision


The Supreme Court has ruled that agents who received payment from both sides in negotiations for the purchase of a luxury hotel must account in full for their Euros 10 million ill-gotten gain. Cedar… Read More

‘Partner’ or ‘Employee’?


The High Court has ruled that the former head of a law firm’s property department should not be exposed to a £1 million claim brought by a group of angry former clients of London solicitors… Read More

Whistleblower wins crucial tax victory


In a ruling which strengthens the financial position of workplace whistleblowers, a woman has successfully argued that she should not have to pay tax on the first £30,000 of an interim award made by… Read More

English regions lose out on EU funding


Two English regions who complained that they got a raw deal when it came to dividing up more than Euros 6 billion of European hardship funding have failed to convince the Court of Appeal that they… Read More

Bus driver exonerated


A passenger who was gravely injured when a suburban bus braked suddenly will go uncompensated after the Court of Appeal ruled that the driver had been forced into ‘reflexive action’ to avoid a… Read More

Whistleblowing – consultation on annual reporting


Following a consultation exercise, the Government is in the process of making further amendments, both legislative and non-legislative, to the existing whistleblowing framework on the basis that it… Read More

Breach of duty but no loss


A High Court ruling on a bitter falling out between shareholders in a pharmaceutical research company clearly revealed that there is all the difference in the world between establishing a breach of… Read More

‘Bristol heart baby’ compensated


A young man whose life will always be overshadowed by brain damage suffered during heart surgery carried out when he was a toddler at the Bristol Royal Infirmary has won a £225,000 settlement of his… Read More

Top Government lawyer denies bullying


A senior Ministry of Justice lawyer who vehemently denies accusations that he bullied and harassed more junior colleagues has failed to convince the High Court that disciplinary proceedings against… Read More

Royal Charter sparks high court row


Following a unique High Court dispute, the Association for Project Management (APM) has finally achieved its ambition to receive a Royal Charter, despite the fierce objections of its larger American… Read More

Judge turns off the music at Emirates


Arsenal Football Club's controversial plans to expand the number of music concerts and major events held at the Emirates Stadium have been stymied by a High Court ruling which emphasised the right… Read More

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