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Disappointed applicant accused of blackmail


A restaurateur who was bitterly disappointed not to be offered a job by a leading IT company has ended up being hit with a High Court injunction after he got hold of confidential information and… Read More

Victorian chapel at centre of dispute


Devout Victorian churchgoers who erected a Methodist chapel to serve the faithful of a Norfolk town would no doubt be surprised to know that it would one day be at the centre of a bitter dispute… Read More

Anaesthetised teenager disabled for life


A 13-year-old girl who was left disabled for life after her heart stopped while she was being sedated for an operation at a Newcastle hospital has won multi-million pound damages to fund the care… Read More

Tower block flood – £3 million bill


Labour only contractors who bore the lion’s share of responsibility for catastrophic water damage to a recently completed luxury block of flats will have to pay more than £3 million in compensation… Read More

Obesity and disability


The Advocate General (AG) has handed down a preliminary ruling in a Danish case concerning a childminder who claimed that his employment with the local council was terminated on account of his… Read More

‘Feckless’ son stripped of power of attorney


A ‘feckless’ son who irresponsibly accepted a £72,000 gift from his frail and forgetful mother before spending the cash on a house renovation has been stripped of his lasting power of attorney over… Read More

Banned director's jail sentence reduced


A businessman who was jailed for running loss-making companies while bankrupt and disqualified from acting as a director has had his sentence reduced after the Court of Appeal accepted that he had… Read More

Waiter entitled to half of lottery win


A restaurant waiter who dreamed one night that he and his boss would scoop the jackpot in the Euromillions lottery has won a half share of a £1 million windfall after his dream amazingly came true… Read More

Victims of violent crime – don’t delay !


A man who suffered life-changing injuries when thugs smacked his head against a brick wall will go without a penny in compensation after he left it too late to lodge his claim with the Criminal… Read More

Asbestos claims log-jam cleared


In a ruling which it is to be hoped will speed the path to justice for grieving families of deceased asbestos victims, the High Court has taken urgent steps to break a legal log-jam that had blocked… Read More

Tour firm pays for ruined honeymoon

Palm trees & pool

A couple whose luxury wedding in the Dominican Republic was ruined when they and several of their guests contracted a severe gastric illness have won tens of thousands of pounds in compensation from… Read More

BA re-engagement order was wrong


In an important decision for employers who have to deal with staff misbehaviour, British Airways has succeeded in overturning an order requiring it to re-engage a former cabin crew member who bore… Read More

Fire destroys £4 million eco-home


A couple who endured untold heartbreak when their £4 million eco-home burnt to the ground when it was close to completion have won the right to full compensation for their loss from a construction… Read More

Ukraine export restrictions sparked dispute

Cargo ship

A contract dispute triggered by a decision of the Ukrainian authorities to restrict grain exports resulted in lengthy arbitration procedures and a High Court hearing, and culminated in a ruling that… Read More

Courts and tribunals fee remissions updated


With effect from 30 June, the HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) fee remission application process has been simplified. The main changes are: • It is no longer necessary to provide original… Read More

Yacht at centre of tax test case


In giving crucial guidance on the tax implications of directors making use of company assets, the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) considered in depth an entrepreneur’s glittering world of ocean-going… Read More

Office name change contested

Office block

When a landlord decided to change the address of a building (by changing the name to that of an incoming and significant tenant), the other tenants reacted badly. Faced with the costs of reprinting… Read More

Age discrimination was justified


Professional firms that follow the traditional course of fixing a particular age at which their partners are given their gold watches and required to retire will be relieved to hear that the… Read More

What is a cake? Tax tribunal rules


Tribunal judges resorted to a Great British Bake Off-style taste test before ruling that the makers of popular ‘Snowball’ snacks should receive VAT rebates totalling more than £2.8 million – because… Read More

Solar energy farm back on track

Solar panels

A company which wants to build an enormous solar energy farm on a site in Suffolk, equivalent in size to almost 65 football pitches, has had its hopes of winning planning permission for the scheme… Read More

Whistleblowers’ rights strengthened


In a decision which significantly strengthens the hand of workplace whistleblowers, and self-employed people in particular, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that a health and safety… Read More

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