Young footballer compensated by High Court

Posted: 8th May 2014

football, spotlandA talented young footballer who had hopes of turning professional before he was seriously injured in a road accident has been awarded compensation of more than £10 million by the High Court to cover the costs of the lifetime of nursing care he will need.

Jack Farrugia was left confined to a wheelchair and requiring 24-hour care due to the devastating head injuries he suffered when a driver who was giving him a lift home crashed into a stationary van in November 2008. Mr Farrugia was aged just 19 at the time.

The former football club academy captain and ‘natural leader’ saw his ‘real prospect’ of playing as a professional destroyed by the accident. Described as an ‘exemplary and admirable’ young man by the Court, he was in a coma for a month after the accident and hospitalised for a year.

Although he can understand simple sentences, he can only communicate by eye movement and facial expressions and suffers severe epileptic fits. His intellect is seriously impaired; he requires 'total nursing care' and he remains entirely dependent on artificial feeding for all his nutrition and hydration. There is no likelihood of any further spontaneous improvement in his condition.

Through his mother, he sued the driver of the car. The driver's insurance company admitted liability for the accident but disputed the value of the claim. The Court awarded Mr Farrugia a lump sum of £4.2 million as well as index-linked and tax-free payments of £255,000 a year to cover the costs of his future care. The total package was valued at just over £10 million.