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Widow compensated for fatal misdiagnosis


A widow whose husband died of bowel cancer has won compensation of £50,000 after a GP’s misdiagnosis of his condition deprived him of four months of life. The doctor had reassured the father-of-four… Read More

Court spotlight on judicial appointments


A lawyer who was denied promotion to the full-time bench after he clocked up seven penalty points on his driving licence has failed in a High Court challenge to the decision. There was no dispute… Read More

Whistleblowing law protects LLP members


The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a relatively new creature in UK law, so the law relating to this form of ownership is still developing. One key question that has arisen is the employment… Read More

Club physiotherapist cleared of negligence


Premier League football club Everton has defeated a promising teenage player’s claim that his hopes of a top-flight career were destroyed by negligence on the part of a senior club physiotherapist… Read More

Meningitis victim recovers millions from NHS


Lawyers representing a 15-year-old girl who was left profoundly deaf and disabled due to the failure of hospital staff to promptly diagnose and treat meningitis when she was a baby have achieved a… Read More

Asbestos victim too late to claim


In a case which the Court of Appeal acknowledged was ‘of seminal importance’ to historic victims of industrial disease, a former dock worker who blamed his lung cancer on exposure to asbestos has… Read More

Murderer’s ‘absurd’ claim wasted legal aid


Amidst hard times for the legal aid budget, the High Court has questioned why public funding was extended for a murderer to pursue an ‘absurd’ argument that he was unlawfully denied the right to… Read More

Holiday pay and unearned commission ruling


In the latest in a series of cases on the correct calculation of holiday pay (Lock v British Gas Trading Limited and Others), the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has followed the… Read More

High Court rules on King Richard’s remains


The High Court has decided that the Secretary of State for Justice was not obliged to embark on widespread consultation before deciding where the body of King Richard III should be re-interred. The… Read More

Driver wins compensation for shoulder injury


A delivery driver who was forced to retire as a result of injuries he sustained when he slipped as he loaded his lorry in icy conditions has won compensation from his former employer. Roy Gardiner… Read More

Court Deplores Employment Tribunal’s Flawed Decision

The Court of Appeal has lamented the ‘very regrettable outcome’ to a case in which the failure of an Employment Tribunal (ET) to give clear or rational reasons for upholding a worker’s claim… Read More

Concrete Escape Into Sewer Not a Nuisance

In a test case which entailed authoritative analysis of the law of nuisance, a water company whose sewer was blocked by concrete in a freak accident has failed to convince the Court of Appeal that… Read More

Compensation for brain-damaged boy


A little boy who is facing a lifetime of acute disability due to a medical blunder following his premature birth has won a multi-million-pound compensation payout from the NHS. The Maidstone and… Read More

Who are "a couple"?


In a case which drew a clear distinction between the everyday and legal meanings of the word ‘couple’, a man has won the right to claim housing and council tax benefits after his girlfriend moved… Read More

Trade union ‘independence’


A mental health nurse’s hopes of compensation have been boosted by an important Court of Appeal decision which gave authoritative guidance on the correct approach to establishing whether a trade… Read More

Stroke victim compensated by NHS


Lawyers representing a highly skilled builder and joiner who suffered a catastrophic stroke following an incorrect hospital diagnosis have achieved a multi-million-pound settlement of his claim… Read More

Branson wins internet domain names battle


Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Enterprises Limited (Virgin) has succeeded in wresting two confusing Internet domain names from the hands of a consultancy firm which was accused of attempting to… Read More

Government of Gibraltar wins tunnel dispute


The High Court has ruled that the Government of Gibraltar (GoG) was entitled to and did effectively terminate a very substantial contract for the design and construction of a road and tunnel under… Read More

AstraZeneca wins animal rights injunction


Pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca UK Limited has won a High Court injunction against animal rights campaigners who it feared would pose a serious threat to construction of its proposed new… Read More

Worker told ‘you’re not 25 any more’


A senior bank employee, whose boss told him ‘you’re not 25 anymore’ when trying to persuade him to move on from his role, has failed to convince the Emploment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) that his… Read More

Clinicians liable for misleading brochures


Beauty salon customers who paid £4,000 for an anti-wrinkle treatment – which was hailed as a vegetarian-friendly collagen alternative but which contained traces of the blood serum of unborn calves… Read More

Young footballer compensated by High Court

Football ground

A talented young footballer who had hopes of turning professional before he was seriously injured in a road accident has been awarded compensation of more than £10 million by the High Court to cover… Read More

Nursing agency founder fairly dismissed


The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that an entrepreneurial nurse who was sacked from the recruitment agency she founded after being accused of involvement in ‘massaging’ the books was… Read More

Rape victim wrongly refused legal aid


In a guideline decision with important implications for criminal justice and the legal aid budget, the High Court has ruled that an alleged rape victim was irrationally refused public funding so… Read More

Corrupt cricketer stumped

Cricket stumps

The High Court has ruled that a well-known cricketer, who succumbed to temptation and induced a promising young bowler to engage in ‘spot-fixing’ for gain, was justifiably banned from the… Read More

May 2014 employment law changes


Employers are reminded that the minimum time period for complying with the rules regarding the provision of employee liability information when there is a relevant transfer under the Transfer of… Read More

Financial adviser pays for poaching


A financial adviser (FA) who took his loyal clients with him when he left his job to set up his own business has been hit with a substantial damages bill. The FA had worked in the industry for many… Read More

Petting farm E. Coli victims compensated


Ten children who were exposed to a potentially fatal strain of the E. Coli bacteria during family visits to a Surrey petting zoo have won compensation for the physical and emotional scars that will… Read More

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