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Poker winnings are not ‘earnings’


The Court of Appeal has ruled that a professional poker player was not obliged to contribute to the upkeep of his children from his gambling winnings. After being made redundant from his well-paid… Read More

Financiers lose commission on £28 million deal


A corporate finance company that arranged funding of £28 million for a prestigious construction project – but was later kept in the dark and deliberately side-lined from the deal – has failed to… Read More

Jackson reforms paramount, warns court

House for sale

In a stern warning to litigants that Sir Rupert Jackson’s reforms of civil procedure are being robustly enforced, a firm of estate agents came within an ace of missing out on the chance of a… Read More

Huge repair bill for wilting wind turbines

Wind turbines

A High Court decision has dealt with the consequences of a mathematical error in the industry standard used in the design of foundations of offshore wind farms that resulted in the unexpected… Read More

Court upholds right to ‘attack the system’


The right of politicians and others to express their opinions and ‘attack the system’ has been underlined by the High Court’s dismissal of a £600,000 slander action against a council leader who… Read More

No commission on superyacht sale


Yacht brokers who claimed a 10 per cent commission on the Euros 19.8 million sale of a superyacht between wealthy Russian businessman will not receive a penny after the High Court ruled that they… Read More

Dismissal for 'flat disobedience' was fair


A warehouse manager who was sacked for disobeying an instruction to load four banoffee pies onto a lorry before he went home at the end of his shift has been stripped of his right to compensation by… Read More

‘Bubbly’ girl compensated by NHS


An 'incredibly bubbly and sociable' eight-year-old girl who was left severely disabled after complications arose during her birth at a Kent hospital has won a multi-million-pound compensation payout… Read More

That's entertainment!


The High Court has awarded £10,000 in damages to the three children of pop star Paul Weller after un-pixellated photographs of them on a day out with their father were published on the world’s most… Read More

Musicians refused reinstatement


Musicians whose role in the West End production of ‘War Horse’ was superseded by recorded music had a ‘strong’ case that their employment contracts were breached – but nevertheless failed to… Read More

Journalist injured by police wins claim


An award-winning journalist who suffered life-shattering injuries when knocked from his bicycle by a police car has won the right to very substantial damages from the UK's biggest force after a… Read More

Autistic litigant had fair hearing


In the context of a case in which an autistic son challenged his father’s will, the Court of Appeal has given important guidance on the steps that should be taken to ensure that vulnerable litigants… Read More

Whistleblower sacked after 18 Days


A pharmacist who lasted just 18 days in a new job before she was unfairly sacked for her activities as a whistleblower had her compensation reduced by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) on the… Read More

What is a ‘Construction Contract’?


In a decision which helps to define the legal concept of a ‘construction contract’, the High Court has dismissed an attack on the jurisdiction of an adjudicator who awarded more than £800,000 to a… Read More

A bundle of fun

Buy the sea

It’s not a phrase that many people would think to use about a trip to court but that is exactly how it turned out for Ilminster businessman, Brett Dalton, when he went to Yeovil County Court to… Read More

Stroke victim's guarantee was valid


A stroke victim’s plea that he had ‘no idea what he was signing’ when he guaranteed his wife’s £1.3 million debt has been rejected by the High Court. The wife had defaulted on her obligations to pay… Read More

Neighbours Lavished Six-Figure Sum on Boundary War

In a cautionary tale for homeowners, next-door neighbours at war over a three-foot strip of land between their properties lavished hundreds of thousands of pounds on legal costs – and got almost… Read More

Employment Law Changes – April 2014


The following employment law measures came into force on 6 April 2014: Financial Penalties for Employers Who Breach Employment Law An Employment Tribunal (ET) now has the discretionary power to… Read More

Justice for deafened youngster

Op theatre

A six-year-old boy, who was left permanently deaf by sub-standard care he received in an NHS hospital in the days after his birth, has received hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation after… Read More

Widow blameless in Portuguese tragedy


A widow who suffered catastrophic injuries and whose husband died when they were knocked down by a negligent Portuguese driver whilst on a family holiday has been awarded the right to very… Read More

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