Ombudsman hits out at unregulated services

Posted: 16th August 2013

LexcelThe Legal Ombudsman has recently published a report indicating that there are more than 130,000 unregulated providers of legal services in the UK. The legal services market is estimated to have 3 million users a year.

The main issue that can arise for customers of unregulated suppliers of such services is that if something goes wrong, there may be no effective way of claiming redress. The Chair of the Legal Ombudsman service, Elizabeth France, has described buying legal advice as being, to some extent ‘a lottery’, commenting that consumers ‘are understandably confused about whether the people providing it are up to standard’.

Stories abound of problems that have arisen from the use of ‘will writers’ and DIY wills. Very often, neglect or incompetence can lead to very significant losses to clients.

One of the most important reasons for using a regulated supplier of legal services is that they are required to carry insurance so that, in the very rare event of a loss to a client, compensation is available.

Solicitors are required to carry professional indemnity insurance. Clients are therefore secure in the knowledge that not only is a qualified professional with suitable experience handling their legal work, but there is also a route to compensation if necessary through their insurance. Clients of solicitors also have access to the Legal Ombudsman.

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