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‘Bullied’ nurse wins unfair dismissal claim

Hospital corridor

Trust and confidence are central to any employment relationship, as a case involving a nurse who claimed to have been subjected to a course of bullying and harassment in the workplace showed when… Read More

"Use by" dates strictly applied

Use-by date

In a case of enormous significance to the food industry, the Supreme Court has decided that anyone in possession of food for sale on which the ‘use by’ date has expired is committing a criminal… Read More

Property developer's bankruptcy not private


A newspaper has been granted permission to view and report the contents of the court file in the bankruptcy of a property developer who is said to have run up debts of €1.5 billion in the Irish… Read More

Injunction blocks gypsy threat


In a case which demonstrated the High Court’s power to guard against wrongful acts - even before they happen – a temporary injunction was granted on the basis of little more than a rumour that gypsy… Read More

Car sales group wins VAT battle

Car pound

A car sales group issued with very substantial demands for back-tax and penalties in respect of complex arrangements designed to minimise VAT liabilities on the sale of second hand vehicles has… Read More

Unsafe port responsible for shipwreck


In a remarkable case which is bound to cause a major stir in the shipping industry, the High Court has ruled that the catastrophic loss of an $88.5 million bulk carrier in a force nine storm was… Read More

Travel expense tax claim fails

Car park barrier

In a case demonstrating that workers’ entitlement to set off travel expenses against income tax may well depend on the type of contract under which they are employed, an itinerant power station… Read More

Boxing promoter wins trademark bout

Boxing gloves

After a High Court bout that would have impressed the 9th Marquess of Queensberry, a company controlled by boxing promoter Frank Warren has beaten two high street retailers in a race for the right… Read More

King's remains trigger court battle

Car park

King Richard III is proving almost as controversial in death as he was in life after the High Court opened the way for his descendants to mount a judicial review challenge to controversial plans to… Read More

Ombudsman hits out at unregulated services


The Legal Ombudsman has recently published a report indicating that there are more than 130,000 unregulated providers of legal services in the UK. The legal services market is estimated to have 3… Read More

Damages not tax-deductible


A recruitment consultant who was confident his employers would take no action after he left to set up a rival business – but who ended up having to pay £100,000 to settle a breach of covenant claim… Read More

Divorcing couple pay £860,000 price of intransigence

Tropical bay

The High Court has lamented the ‘financial suicide’ of an ex-couple who have spent over £860,000 – close to a quarter of their combined wealth – on worldwide legal costs. The husband, a partner in a… Read More

Jewish pastry chef unfairly sacked


A pastry chef who was dismissed after he used non-kosher jam to decorate a cake whilst working at a Jewish bakery has won compensation after a tribunal criticised the ‘cursory’ investigation of his… Read More

Charity faces enquiry after £15 million profit


The trustees of a charity that sold a building for £6 million face an enquiry from the Charity Commission after it was discovered that the property (sold to company registered in the British Virgin… Read More

Confidentiality blocks FOI request


The First-Tier Tribunal has refused a campaigner’s request for public disclosure of large numbers of documents relating to a controversial public transport project. The campaigner had sought… Read More



We are pleased to report a successful charity fundraising exercise at the recent dragonboat race in Taunton. Director Michael Williamson was press-ganged by that scourge of the inland waterways… Read More

Train disaster caused by fleeting moment


Insurers face having to pay more than £2 million compensation after a motorist’s failure to engage his hand-brake triggered a potentially catastrophic train derailment. The car was parked in a goods… Read More

‘Custom and practice’ add to employment contract terms


The Court of Appeal has directed a fresh employment tribunal (ET) hearing of four unfairly dismissed bakery workers’ claims for enhanced redundancy packages. The workers succeeded in unfair… Read More

Hidden defendant sniffed out

Factory chimney

In the context of an industrial odour nuisance claim, the High Court has found that a proposed defendant to the case was not entitled to assert a limitation defence on the basis that its identity as… Read More

Fire & rescue service was negligent


A fire and rescue service has been found negligent and liable to pay substantial damages in respect of deaths and injuries caused in a devastating fire and explosion at a fireworks factory. Two… Read More

Disloyal worker downloaded database

USB stick

A businessman was left to regret the trust he had placed in a long-standing employee and wishing that he had done more to protect his commercial data after the disloyal worker loaded his stationery… Read More

Chief Constable not liable for harassment


The Court of Appeal has ruled that a police Chief Constable could not be held responsible in law for a campaign of harassment allegedly carried out by one of his officers. A woman had claimed… Read More

Lack of formality triggered dispute


The vital importance of abiding by the correct formalities in setting up a company has been underlined by a High Court case in which an absence of documentation led to a bitter and costly falling… Read More

Re-insurers avoid typhoon liability


In a ruling which underlines that insurance policy exclusion clauses are not just small print and must be taken seriously, reinsurers have successfully avoided liability for the loss of a cargo and… Read More

‘Pushy parents’ fail in school claim


A wealthy couple who subjected teachers to an ‘enduring nightmare’ by bombarding them with ‘relentless’ complaints about their children's schooling have failed in a £50,000 breach of contract claim… Read More

Trans-atlantic custody battle


An extraordinary trans-Atlantic struggle between the parents of a six-year-old boy - which set English judges in direct conflict with the United States Supreme Court – has been finally resolved by a… Read More

Rihanna successful in T-shirt claim


Well known pop star, Rihanna, has won a passing off claim against leading fashion retailers, Topshop, after they marketed a T-shirt bearing her image. The High Court found that the singer’s fans… Read More

Court applies Japanese law in beer dispute


The Court of Appeal moved into the unfamiliar territory of Japanese law to resolve a bitter dispute about the import from China by a Kent-based company of hop extract used in beer-making. The… Read More

Powerful encouragement to ADR

Home extension

In a case with critical implications for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a couple who were mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) have had their case struck out on the basis that they had… Read More

Brain injured cyclist wins £5.3 million


Lawyers representing a young cyclist who staged a ‘truly remarkable’ recovery from catastrophic injuries suffered when he was knocked off his trail bike by a teenage motorist have achieved an… Read More

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