Baggage handler compensated for broken back

Posted: 11th April 2013

Airport 1A baggage handler at Stansted airport who suffered a serious back injury when his airport luggage trolley was hit by another vehicle has won his battle for compensation.

Mick Draper, 68, had worked for air cargo company Swissport for 10 years prior to the accident in March 2009. The driver of a buggy crashed into the luggage trolley and Mr Draper was sent flying into the air. He landed on a luggage chute and broke three bones in his back.

He initially tried to work through the pain, but the following month he woke up unable to move. It was a further 18 months before the injury to his back was correctly diagnosed, and he then underwent a series of operations to try to repair the broken bones.

Mr Draper has been left disabled by the accident. He is in constant pain and finds it difficult to carry out simple tasks. He has been unable to continue with his hobby of shooting.

A claim was brought against Swissport for compensation for the injury Mr Draper suffered. It emerged that the driver of the buggy had been working 17-hour days for the 11 days prior to the accident, despite Mr Draper having already warned his supervisors about the risks posed by drivers working long hours.

The company’s insurers settled the claim out of court, and Mr Draper will now receive monthly payments to help with living costs.

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