Wincanton breakdown

Posted: 18th March 2013

A lorry driver from South Somerset, made redundant after forty-three years, is now having to contemplate winding-up proceedings to obtain his severance payment.

Sixty year old John Parris was made redundant by the logistics giant, Wincanton, on 3 February. He had driven lorries for them out of the Chard depot since he was seventeen. Wincanton

The redundancy payment that was negotiated with the help of his solicitors, Williamsons, should have been received by him on 3 March at latest. Over a fortnight later, Mr Parris is still waiting for his money.

His solicitors have now served a statutory demand on the company and expect instructions to issue a winding-up petition in approximately three weeks time if the debt has not been paid.

Said Michael Williamson “it's appalling that this elderly, and unwell, man who has given all his working life to the company should still be waiting after the disappointment of redundancy itself”.

He added, “We had to threaten proceedings to recover the princely sum of £300 contribution to Mr Parris’ legal fees. One of the responses we have had is to be asked whether we accept credit cards.”

Payment of the legal fees was finally received this morning but Mr Parris says he is still waiting for his severance pay. The company failed to comment on Friday but a spokesperson said today that they would do their best to ensure that Mr Parris is paid without further delay.