Dubai claims to proceed

Posted: 18th January 2013

OfficeA businessman who claims that, pursuant to a consultancy agreement, he played an essential introductory role in the award of contracts in respect of the construction of an underground transport system in Dubai has won the right to press ahead with debt recovery, breach of contract and restitution claims at the High Court.

The claimant, whose expertise lies in the provision of advice and introductory services to entities seeking to do business in the Middle East, argues that he is entitled to very substantial reward for services he provided under the agreement. However, the four corporate defendants argued that his services neither caused nor contributed to the award of contracts to them and applied for the claim to be summarily dismissed.

Ruling that the claimant’s claim against two of the defendants should proceed to trial, the court accepted that the facts asserted by the claimant, if substantiated, were capable of supporting a valid cause of action against those defendants. His claim against the two other defendants, who were not parties to the consultancy agreement, was not reasonably arguable and those defendants were granted summary judgment.