Injured footballer compensated

Posted: 1st October 2012

A footballer whose leg was broken when he was tackled by the opposing team’s goalkeeper has won compensation of £16,500 for the injuries he suffered.

The amateur player was approaching the goal when the goalkeeper challenged him with a two-footed tackle. The tackle was late and brought the forward to the ground.

It was later discovered that his leg was fractured in two places. He underwent three operations, and had screws and metal rods inserted into his tibia and fibula to help fuse the bones back together.

The man, who works in the media industry, had to take three months off work after the accident. He moved back into his parents’ house for a while and had to take further time off work to undergo two additional operations.

View over rugby pitchHe has been unable to resume playing football because of the psychological distress caused by the incident. He continues to experience a dull pain in his leg.

A claim was brought against the goalkeeper for which he was covered by his household insurance. The injured player secured £16,500 in damages, which will compensate him for loss of earnings as well as the pain he has suffered.

If you have been injured during a sporting or leisure activity as a result of somebody else’s negligence or recklessness, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us for advice on how to proceed.