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No votes for ex-pat


A campaigning ex-patriot has failed to convince the Court of Appeal that a ban on British nationals voting in domestic elections once they have lived outside the jurisdiction for 15 years violates… Read More

Council must install ‘tactile paving’


A partially sighted campaigner has triumphed in his High Court fight to force a London council to invest in ‘tactile paving’ at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings so that blind people can feel their… Read More

"Miners’ Knee" setback


The Court of Appeal has delivered a potentially knock-out blow to the compensation hopes of a large number of former coal miners who blame cramped working conditions underground for the onset of… Read More

Council Charge for Use of Private Road Outlawed

A local authority has suffered defeat in a dispute with a property developer after it tried to charge him £5,000-a-year to use a private road which provides access to the rear of his property. The… Read More

Birth injuries girl wins millions


Lawyers representing a little girl who suffered devastating brain damage due to medical errors during her hospital birth have achieved a multi-million pound settlement of her case against the NHS… Read More

CRB disclosures were 'disproportionate'


A nurse whose career has been blighted by disputed claims that she manhandled patients has won a landmark High Court ruling that Devon and Cornwall Police violated her human rights by disclosing the… Read More

Tribunal appeared to pre-judge


Although an Employment Tribunal (ET) is entitled to express its conclusions in trenchant terms, it must not do so to the extent of appearing to pre-judge issues on costs prior to hearing full… Read More

Stressed gardener deserves more


A municipal gardener who was awarded over £35,000 damages against his local authority employers after his 40-year career was destroyed by work stress has been granted the right to seek a bigger… Read More

Landmark equal pay decision


174 former Birmingham City Council employees – including women who worked as cooks, cleaners and care assistants – who left their jobs between 2004 and 2008 have won the right to pursue their equal… Read More

Employment Judge Apparent Bias Claim Rejected

A former council housing officer who claimed her case was unfairly rejected by an employment tribunal after the presiding judge had dinner with a local authority lawyer involved in the case has had… Read More

18th Century Toll Bridge VAT Rebate Row

A judge is being asked to delve into the minds of 18th Century Parliamentarians in order to decide whether the owners of a historic toll bridge should qualify for a £700,000 VAT rebate. Whitchurch… Read More

By right or as of right?


A difference in phraseology which would be lost on most people means that a plea by a group of residents that they are entitled to have their local recreation ground recognised as a ‘town or village… Read More

Insurers' fraud challenge fails


A law graduate who was accused of involvement in an attempted ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud has been vindicated after the Court of Appeal accepted that he may well have been an entirely innocent… Read More

Caravan site for homeless must close


A man who opened up his land as a caravan site for the homeless, claiming that their needs were not being met by the local authority, has failed to convince a High Court judge that he was wrongly… Read More

Can Scientology Chapel Be Used for Marriages?

The High Court is being asked to decide whether a Church of Scientology chapel should be recognised as a ‘place of worship’ at which marriages can be lawfully solemnised under the terms of the… Read More

Bankruptcy - escape from divorce debts?


A High Court judge is considering arguments that a businessman’s discharge from a bankruptcy in which his ex-wife was listed as a creditor expunged his obligation to pay her the balance of a lump… Read More

Adjudicator’s fees disallowed


In the context of a building contracts dispute, an adjudicator was not entitled to be paid his fees after producing a decision which was unenforceable by reason of breaches of the rules of natural… Read More

Phurnacite workers triumph


A group of former Phurnacite workers and their families have won their High Court damages action over illnesses caused by exposure to toxic fumes and dust. A judge upheld pleas that working… Read More

Unfair dismissal - Human Rights


In an important test case, the Court of Appeal has been asked to decide whether the test of ‘proportionality’ laid down by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) should be applied to unfair… Read More

Newspapers fined for contempt


Two national newspapers that were found guilty of contempt of court over articles published after a killer’s conviction for the abduction and murder of schoolgirl, Milly Dowler, have each been fined… Read More

Combat immunity argument rejected


In permitting the families of four soldiers who died in Iraq to pursue damages claims against the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Court of Appeal has rejected arguments that the provision of… Read More

Samsung ‘not as cool’ ruling upheld


Although Samsung Galaxy tablet computers may be ‘not as cool’ as an iPad they are nevertheless original and do not infringe a community design registered by Apple Inc. in 2004, the Court of Appeal… Read More

HIV blood doctor's suspension lifted


A doctor who carried a sample of HIV-infected blood on a passenger flight from Africa has had his suspension from the medical profession lifted after a High Court judge ruled that he posed no risk… Read More

Ex-partner wins cemetery


Europe’s largest cemetery has been awarded to the partner of a deceased businessman after the Court of Appeal ruled that she and the child they had together are entitled to reasonable provision from… Read More

Gay Couple B&B Triumph

Gay partners who were refused a double bed after booking themselves into a bed & breakfast (B&B) for the night have been awarded £1,800 damages each after a judge ruled that their treatment amounted… Read More

Is it a house?


The meaning of the word 'house' has been the subject of legal debate on many occasions. Many of these disputes have had their origin in the Leasehold Reform Act 1967, the act that gives leaseholders… Read More

Unsigned employment contract valid


An employment contract which was retained and not signed by the relevant worker remains valid for the purposes of enforcing restrictive covenants contained within it, a High Court judge has ruled… Read More

Staff shortage blamed for birth injuries


A four-year-old girl whose lawyers blame her devastating birth injuries on staff shortages on the maternity ward at a Norfolk hospital has won the right to multi-million-pound compensation from the… Read More

Lambs to the slaughter


Despite objections from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the High Court has lifted a freeze on the movement of livestock through the Port of Ramsgate to enable… Read More

Birth injuries boy wins £6 million


The loving parents of a boy who suffered devastating brain damage during his birth have spoken of their relief after their legal team secured a £6 million settlement of his claim against a West… Read More

Sir Elton loses libel claim


Sir Elton John has failed in a libel action against Times Newspapers Limited over articles which he argued linked him to immoral tax avoidance. Although it was understandable that the singer had… Read More

Insurers not liable for £250,000 damage


Motor insurers whose client smashed the windows of a department store will not have to pay the £250,000 repair bill because the driver’s policy did not cover him for damage caused by his own… Read More

Police Surveillance Footage Disclosure

In the context of a public inquiry into the shooting of a suspect by police, the High Court has directed limited disclosure of aerial surveillance footage of the incident despite public interest… Read More

Bogus solicitor jailed


In a case which underlines the wisdom of clients checking the qualifications of lawyers they instruct, a bogus solicitor who stole from clients, regularly appeared in court and secured divorces for… Read More

Care workers were employed under ‘global’ contracts


Five care workers engaged in providing 24-hour care to a disabled woman were employed under ‘global’ contracts of employment and had the requisite continuity of employment to mount a claim under the… Read More

‘Inspiring’ meningitis victim wins £9 million


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is to pay £9 million compensation to a meningitis victim after a High Court judge praised the parents of the 'inspiring' teenager who contracted the potentially lethal… Read More

‘Drastically incorrect’ mortgage advice


A woman who invested heavily in the doomed Spanish property market on the basis of a mortgage broker’s ‘drastically incorrect’ advice was not fairly compensated by the Financial Services… Read More

Vet free to practise


A High Court judge has refused to issue an interim injunction restraining a veterinarian from working in her profession within a 10-mile radius of a practice in which she was formerly a partner with… Read More

Social Services faces investigation


A High Court judge has ordered disclosure of social services records to the Official Solicitor who is investigating claims that social workers let down two children by delaying too long before… Read More

Domestic workers and minimum wage


The Court of Appeal has urged employment tribunals to ensure that an exception to National Minimum Wage (NMW) legislation, designed to benefit both employers and workers, is not exploited as a… Read More

Council care budget ping-pong

Sunderland City Council has triumphed over South Tyneside Council in a legal ping-pong match over which of them must cover the very substantial cost of looking after a mental patient when she is… Read More

Family at war over £4 Million will

The Court of Appeal is being asked to decide whether English or Italian law should be applied to a family dispute over the £4 million estate of an Italian businessman who spent more than 50 years… Read More

Plaid copyright infringed


A woollen mill, world famous for its luxury fabrics, has triumphed in a High Court breach of copyright claim after trade rivals manufactured and sold an offending copy of one of its iconic plaid… Read More

Government announces new type of employment contract


The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced plans to introduce a new kind of employment status – that of ‘owner-employee’. The plan is that new owner-employees will relinquish some of their UK… Read More

Tobacco imported ‘for profit’ seized

The First-Tier Tribunal has adopted a wide interpretation of the phrase ‘for profit’ in rejecting a plea by three travellers that dutiable tobacco goods they imported into the United Kingdom should… Read More

Sports pavilion challenge fails


A neighbour opposed to plans for a new sports pavilion for a sixth form college in Cambridge has failed in a High Court challenge to the scheme. Richard Lyon had sought judicial review of Cambridge… Read More

£85 Million link road challenge fails

Link road

Conservationists opposed to plans for an £85 million link road between Bexhill and Hastings, in Sussex, have failed in a High Court bid to block government funding for the project. Refusing… Read More

Cabs must be local


In refusing to allow a taxi firm to use a telephone number relating to an office outside the area in which its vehicles and drivers are licensed, a High Court judge has emphasised Parliament’s… Read More

Mau Mau torture cases proceed

Three elderly Kenyan victims of torture during the Mau Mau uprising can pursue their compensation claims against the government. It already having been established that the claimants have ‘arguable… Read More

Council accused of deceit


Leeds City Council is being accused of deceit in relation to the award of a contract to develop the Leeds Arena following a competitive tendering exercise. Montpellier Estates Limited (MEL) claims… Read More

Birth injuries boy wins £5 million+


Lawyers for an eight-year-old boy who was born seriously brain damaged after he was starved of oxygen in the womb have achieved a settlement of his case worth at least £5 million as well as a public… Read More

Judge rules on airport bonus

A leading law firm has been cleared of allegations that its negligence led to the unauthorised award of multi-million-pound bonuses to two former directors of Newcastle International Airport Ltd… Read More

Black Horse defeats PPI claim

In a legal triumph for high street lender, Black Horse Limited, a judge has refused to accept a borrower’s plea that he was mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) on the basis of misleading… Read More

Anti-cartel claim proceeds


A group of companies which claims it was substantially overcharged for goods as a result of an anti-competitive cartel amongst some of its suppliers has been granted permission to proceed with its… Read More

Scales of justice


Off-road vehicles will remain banned from five Dorset ‘green lanes’ after a High Court judge ruled applications to open to them up to traffic were a nullity because they were accompanied by maps… Read More

Judge warns of surrogacy pitfalls

A High Court judge has warned of the pitfalls of foreign surrogacies after the Indian mother of twin boys 'disappeared' before giving her formal consent for them to be brought up by a British gay… Read More

Rwandan orphan wins £35,000 from Home Office


The Home Office will pay £35,000 damages to a traumatised Rwandan orphan who was unlawfully detained for four months and tried to hang himself in custody. A High Court judge ruled that the man’s… Read More

Injured footballer compensated


A footballer whose leg was broken when he was tackled by the opposing team’s goalkeeper has won compensation of £16,500 for the injuries he suffered. The amateur player was approaching the goal when… Read More

Cadbury’s Triumph in Purple Trade Mark Dispute

Confectionary giants, Cadbury UK Limited, have triumphed in their quest for the exclusive right to use a particular shade of purple on their milk chocolate products which has been familiar to… Read More

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