Anonymous tweeter injuncted

Posted: 20th September 2012

TwitterAn anonymous user of online social networking site, Twitter, has been ordered to reveal his identity and cease his abusive campaign against tour operator, Thomas Cook Airlines Limited, or face contempt of court proceedings.

The Twitter account has hosted a number of ‘unsavoury posts’ relating to the company which argues that confidential internal memoranda and trade information have also been revealed on the site. The company suspects that the tweeter is one of its employees and its lawyers submitted that it has a strong case that the posts are in breach of confidence and his employment contract.

It was argued that the tweeter is engaged in a ‘deliberate and unreasonable attempt to avoid having to answer for the action of operating the Twitter account’.

Mr Justice Singh granted an emergency interim injunction and approved its service via Twitter. He attached a penal notice to the order, warning the tweeter that disobedience to the order could result in a finding of contempt of court, punishable by imprisonment, a fine or seizure of assets.