Olympics road closures challenge abandoned

Posted: 20th July 2012

diversionScores of small businesses have withdrawn their legal challenge to planned road closures and security restrictions during the Olympic Games which they claim will put hundreds of jobs at risk.

Test cases were due to be launched at the High Court, with affected business leaders in Hackney, east London, arguing that companies could collapse.

A spokesman for the businesses said that they had to withdraw because ‘of lack of time’ and because the businesses could not compete with the ‘bottomless pockets and blank cheque books’ of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).

About 50 businesses, employing hundreds of people, will be affected and range from transport firms to printers, cafes, garages and retailers.

Their solicitor told Mr Justice Singh that the case was being ‘withdrawn in total’ on the basis that no order would be made as to legal costs. The judge approved the settlement.

The businesses had issued judicial review proceedings to challenge the lawfulness of traffic management regulations which will restrict movements of vehicles during the Olympic Games.

They complained that the restrictions would unlawfully affect their right of access to their business premises and also the access rights of their suppliers and customers.

They argued that the ODA did not have the power in all the circumstances to impose the restrictions under the relevant traffic management order.