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Welsh National Opera oboist unfairly dismissed

Wind section

The Court of Appeal has urged compromise after ruling that the former principal oboist of the Welsh National Opera (WNO) was unfairly dismissed. In a decision which underlines the importance of an… Read More

Sex offender compensated after administrative blunder

A dangerous sex offender has won damages from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) after his human rights were violated in an administrative blunder. Russell Haynes was jailed in 2008 after he admitted two… Read More

SFO warrants to be set aside


Search warrants issued to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) against property magnates Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz are to be set aside. The brothers were arrested and questioned in March 2011 after… Read More

Court rules on ‘unfair prejudice’ claim

A minority shareholder who claims that he suffered ‘unfair prejudice’ due to allegedly excessive remuneration awarded to the majority shareholder has succeeded in his case at the Court of Appeal… Read More

‘More missed deadlines’ in employment cases


The Court of Appeal has said that there will be ‘more missed deadlines’ in employment cases unless litigants seek legal advice and representation. After a delay of one day in submitting documents to… Read More

Plans for 280 homes boosted by court ruling


A developer’s hopes of building 280 new houses on a greenfield site in Sandbach have been boosted by a Court of Appeal ruling. Three judges have dismissed an appeal by the Secretary of State for… Read More

Golf course owners jailed for contempt

Golf course2

The owners of a golf course near Oxford have been sent to prison by a High Court judge for failing to remove more than 150,000 cubic metres of waste they illegally buried on the site in the 1990s… Read More

Painting Auctioned for £1.7 Million ‘Probably a Fake’ Judge Rules

An art collector has triumphed in his High Court fight to prove that a painting he bought for £1.7 million at a Christie's auction is probably a fake. A judge's ruling that the painting - entitled… Read More

Murder sentence cut for ‘exceptional progress’

A woman convicted of murder and ordered to serve a minimum jail term of 25 years has won a reduction in that sentence due to her ‘exceptional progress’ in custody. Jeanne Gillespie, formerly Powell… Read More

Judges ‘not omniscient’

The Court of Appeal has ruled that judges are ‘not omniscient’ in drawing back from a religious precipice and refusing to decide whether or not a Sikh spiritual leader is a ‘holy saint’. Followers… Read More

Lord Chief Justice heralds 10% rise in damages

The country's most senior judge has heralded a 10% increase in general damages awards to compensate for the pain, suffering, distress and inconvenience of negligence, defamation and nuisance… Read More

Airport operator must sell Stansted


Airport operator, BAA Limited, has failed in its latest challenge to a decision requiring it to sell Stansted Airport. An appeal by the Spanish-owned company was rejected by three Court of Appeal… Read More

Professional body accused of violating human rights

A mental health nurse who was suspended by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) after it was claimed that he became over-familiar with a vulnerable patient has accused the professional body of… Read More

Employment Tribunal fees - 2013

Following a consultation exercise, the Ministry of Justice has announced the amended fee structure that will apply to those wishing to make use of the employment tribunal system. The cost of running… Read More

Shared parenting consultation


In its response to the Family Justice Review, the Government announced its intention to make a legislative statement emphasising the importance of children having an ongoing relationship with both… Read More

Ash cloud claim fails


An aspiring musician who missed a recording session at Bob Marley's studio when her flight to Jamaica was grounded by volcanic ash has had her breach of contract claim against an airline dismissed… Read More

Football club triumphs over policing costs


A judge has delivered a blow to police forces struggling to cope with the huge cost of match day policing at football grounds all over the country. In a decision which will cost police authorities… Read More

‘Cruise ship nightmare’ passengers can sue


Passengers who say they suffered a range of injuries when a cruise ship was lashed by high winds during a nightmare Atlantic voyage have had her compensation hopes boosted by a High Court ruling… Read More

Property development fraud victim wins money back

Property fraud

A businessman who lost the entirety of a £2 million investment in a property development project has been awarded his money back by a judge who found that he was the victim of fraudulent… Read More

Punters escape betting levy

An attempt to make customers of online betting exchanges pay a statutory levy used for the benefit of the racing industry has failed at the High Court. Leading bookmakers, William Hill Organisation… Read More

£4 Million award proves it is never too late


A woman left with severe learning difficulties due to hospital mismanagement of her birth has won over £4m in compensation more than 45 years after her delivery. The claimant requires a lifetime of… Read More

Injured schoolboy stripped of damages

Golf course

A schoolboy has been stripped of £21,000 damages that he was awarded after being hit in the face by a golf club during a sports lesson after the Court of Appeal ruled that it is ‘impossible’ for… Read More

Olympics road closures challenge abandoned


Scores of small businesses have withdrawn their legal challenge to planned road closures and security restrictions during the Olympic Games which they claim will put hundreds of jobs at risk. Test… Read More

Social worker stabbed by mental patient can sue NHS


A social worker who was stabbed by a mental patient who had earlier threatened to ‘kill her on the spot’ has won the right to sue two NHS trusts after the Court of Appeal ruled it is arguable that… Read More

Milly Dowler trial - papers guilty of contempt

Two national newspapers have been found guilty of contempt of court over articles published after a killer’s conviction for the abduction and murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The ruling against… Read More

HSE publishes fatal injury statistics


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published provisional fatal injury statistics for Britain for the year April 2011 to March 2012. The total number of workers fatally injured remains largely… Read More

Hijacker could remain in Britain indefinitely


One of a group of hijackers who commandeered an Airbus before landing at Stansted Airport has had his hopes of being allowed to stay permanently in the United Kingdom (UK) boosted by a judge’s… Read More

Patient wins damages after NHS data leak


The claimant was awarded £18,633 damages after his former partner, a healthcare assistant, accessed confidential personal information about him while working at a hospital. He realised what she had… Read More

Recession-hit construction dispute


Property developers who fell out when a large-scale residential and commercial project was hit by the credit crunch have had their contract dispute resolved by a High Court judge. The claimant and… Read More

Tax avoider ‘can’t have cake and eat it’


An English woman (the appellant) who bought three foreign properties in her former partner's name to avoid paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has been told she cannot have her cake and eat it. The… Read More

It's an ill wind

Wind section

A case of disharmony in the wind section of the Welsh National Opera (WNO) reached the Court of Appeal, which considered the case of a dismissed veteran oboist.Murray 'Sandy' Johnston was dismissed… Read More

Missiles challenge shot down


Alarmed residents have lost their High Court battle to prevent surface-to-air missiles being stationed on the roof of a 17-storey residential tower block during the Olympic Games. A judge ruled that… Read More

Football creditors rule intact – for now


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have failed in their bid to persuade the High Court that the 'football creditors' rule is a fundamental breach of insolvency law. The rule, part of the regulations to… Read More

£125,000 damages to cleared suspect libelled by police


Arguments of justification and qualified privilege were unsuccessful in defending a libel action brought by a man acquitted of murdering his girlfriend but who Bedfordshire Police later implied in a… Read More

Cigarette end cause of £4.5 million blaze?


The case of a mystery fire which left a £4.5 million trail of damage reached the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) as insurers denied that an electrician's stray cigarette end caused the blaze. The… Read More

Bereaved co-habitee in unique human rights case

A mother denied compensation after her partner was killed in a work-place accident is asking a High Court judge to declare that the terms of the 1976 Fatal Accidents Act are ‘incompatible’ with her… Read More

Queen must find new home for horses


The Queen will have to find a new home for a team of rare horses she owns after the ‘deceitful’ occupiers of the stud farm where they live had a possession order issued against them by a judge. The… Read More

Joint property - get advice!


A ruling at the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) has underlined the vital importance of taking legal advice before embarking on joint property purchases. Two close friends purchased a flat in… Read More

School not liable for pupil’s death


The mother of a 14-year-old girl who was swept to her death in a swollen river during training for the Ten Tors Expedition has failed in a £350,000 damages claim against a teacher and her daughter's… Read More

Prisoners fail to cut levy


Two prisoners who took jobs outside jail have failed in their High Court claim that a levy on their wages which goes to victim support is too high. A judge rejected ‘on all grounds’ their challenge… Read More

Former lawyer abused by priest seeks £5 million

A former senior lawyer who claims that his life and career have been blighted by abuse at the hands of a Jesuit priest has launched a bid for £5 million in compensation at the High Court. Patrick… Read More

Billionaire recovers £700,000 seized at airport


A billionaire who had almost £700,000 in cash seized by the authorities at London City Airport has won back the money from the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). Dr Christoffel Wiese, South… Read More

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