Judge blocks kidney patient’s deportation

Posted: 20th June 2012

A kidney transplant patient will be returning to her family in Leeds after a judge issued an injunction enforcing her release from detention and blocking her imminent removal from the UK.
Rose Akhalu was due to be flown out of the country on June 7, but her lawyers argued she would “face death” in her native Nigeria because she could not afford the immuno-suppressant drugs she has to take as a kidney transplant patient.
Rose came to the UK in 2004 on a Ford Foundation scholarship to do a Masters degree in development studies at Leeds University. Soon after arrival she was diagnosed with renal failure and began treatment the following year. In 2009 she had a successful kidney transplant.
Rose needs to take immune-suppressant drugs for the rest of her life. However, the cost of such drugs in Nigeria means she would not be able to afford them.
The injunction was granted pending a final hearing of Rose’s judicial review challenge to Home Office removal proposals. That hearing is expected to take place later in the summer.