Police and medics not liable for nightclubber's death

Posted: 18th June 2012

AmbulanceThe family of a Somalian man who claimed that racism by police and ambulancemen contributed to his death have had their compensation claim struck out by a High Court judge.
The man had been asked to leave a nightclub and had been assaulted outside, before being run over and fatally injured by a taxi.
The personal representative of his estate brought the action, claiming that race discrimination by police officers and ambulance staff who had been called to the scene prior to the fatal accident had led to Mr Bullaleh receiving less favourable treatment.
An attempt to have those claims struck out was successfully resisted by the family when a judge at Central London County Court ruled that they had a reasonable prospect of success in proving their case and securing compensation.
But Sir Charles Grey, sitting in London's High Court, overturned that decision and struck out the claims against both defendants, saying that evidential material now disclosed in the case did not support the family's allegations.
After he was asked to leave the club and following his assault, the man had dialled 999. Two police officers in a patrol car and an ambulance crew had arrived and spoke to him before leaving the scene.
Shortly afterwards, a CCTV camera caught the deceased collapsing as he tried to cross the street. Two cars were seen swerving to avoid his body before he was struck by a taxi. He was pronounced dead at hospital.