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Reclusive victim's 10 year ordeal

A road accident victim will receive seven-figure compensation and has been spared future medical examinations which his lawyers said would violate his human rights. The claimant, now aged 26, was a… Read More

Motorcyclists battle for right to use Dorset ‘Green Lanes’


Dorset County Council is engaged in a High Court dispute in which motorcyclists are seeking the opening up of five ‘green lanes’ to off-road vehicles. Countryside access group, the Trail Riders… Read More

Boy injured at birth due millions


Lawyers have achieved a 70 per cent liability settlement for a 20-year-old man diagnosed with acute brain damage soon after his birth at Basildon Hospital in 1991David Fawdrey's legal team claimed… Read More

‘Menacing tweet’ conviction challenged


A man found guilty of sending a menacing tweet had celebrity backing as he renewed his challenge against conviction. Paul Chambers was flanked by broadcaster, Stephen Fry, and comedian, Al Murray… Read More

Shareholder Not Disadvantaged by Debt Deal

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay have won what could be an important skirmish in their attempt to take control of three of London's most prestigious hotels. Property developer, Patrick… Read More

Indeterminate sentences - disabled offenders


The Court of Appeal has questioned the imposition of Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection (IPP) on disabled offenders.A 24-year-old offender with the mental age of eight was given an IPP… Read More

Government Work Experience Scheme Attacked in Court

The Government denied accusations of ‘slave labour’ today as a jobless graduate asked the High Court to rule her human rights were breached when she was forced to work for free in a discount store… Read More

Decorated police officer appeals


A decorated police officer who tried to cover up a deceased colleague's affair to spare his grieving family is asking judges at the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) to salvage his career. Whilst… Read More

Victims of ‘Black Cab Rapist’ Compensation Hopes Blow

Passengers of a taxi driver who became known as the ‘black-cab rapist’ have lost a crucial step in their battle for compensation. Ten women had asked a High Court judge in London to rule in their… Read More

Judge's extraordinary change of mind


A judge's right to change his or her mind after announcing a decision is at the centre of an ‘extraordinary’ Court of Appeal case involving a young child who could be permanently separated from her… Read More

Judge Backs Local Authority Over £9 Million Private Finance Initiative Funding Gap

A High Court judge has overturned a Government decision which Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council claimed would leave it facing a funding gap of more than £9 million in respect of a Private Finance… Read More

Ponzi scheme accountants win confiscation order appeals.


Two fraudulent accountants who duped high-net-worth individuals in a £60 million Ponzi scheme have had the amount of confiscation orders made against them reduced by almost £1 million on appeal… Read More

New HMRC task forces


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have announced that a series of new 'task forces' are to be set up. Trades that will come under the microscope include taxi firms and property rentals, as well as… Read More

Judge Points Finger at Bank After Christmas Hamper Business Collapse

A High Court judge has pointed the finger at a bank as he analysed the demise of a Christmas hamper business which collapsed leaving tens of thousands of savers out of pocket. Mr Justice Peter… Read More

Eight-figure settlement for birth injuries


A girl who suffered life-changing injuries after hospital staff failed to monitor her mother during her birth has won a compensation settlement worth nearly £11 million from the NHS Trust… Read More

Court of Appeal asked to define ‘disability’

A promising young artist whose hopes of a career in the film industry were dashed when a saw severed her index finger is appealing against a judge's ruling that she is ‘not disabled’. Katie Ward… Read More

40-year-old criminal injuries case may proceed


A businessman who was five months old when his father was fatally stabbed more than 40 years ago has had his hopes of criminal injuries compensation boosted by the Court of Appeal. The Court ruled… Read More

Shop vacancies still at record highs


According to the Local Data Company, one in seven shops in the UK High Street is currently vacant. The vacancy rate has remained substantially unchanged throughout 2012. Traditionally, the retail… Read More

Judge blocks kidney patient’s deportation

A kidney transplant patient will be returning to her family in Leeds after a judge issued an injunction enforcing her release from detention and blocking her imminent removal from the UK.Rose Akhalu… Read More

Environment Agency Flood Risk Decision Quashed.

An Environment Agency decision that threatened to slash development land values alongside the Manchester Ship Canal has been overturned by a High Court judge. The Manchester Ship Canal Company… Read More

102 year old's £35,000 clinical negligence claim.


A 102-year-old woman has achieved a £35,000 settlement of her clinical negligence claim against the NHS. Her lawyers claimed that she was wrongly discharged from hospital after fracturing her pelvis… Read More

Locked-in syndrome sufferer fights for right to end life.

Locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson’s existence of ‘pure torture’ could continue for another 20 years or more if he does not win the right to end his life when he chooses, a High Court judge… Read More

Consumer insurance reform on the way

In a bid to reduce the number of disputes over insurance claims reaching the courts, the Government has made changes to the law which it is expected will come into effect in 2013. The Consumer… Read More

Police and medics not liable for nightclubber's death


The family of a Somalian man who claimed that racism by police and ambulancemen contributed to his death have had their compensation claim struck out by a High Court judge. The man had been asked to… Read More

Shoplifter costs – court says 'no'

Many High Street chains operate a policy of suing repeat shoplifters for the costs associated with apprehending and prosecuting them. The practical effect is that the cost of being caught may… Read More

Dangerous roads - burden of proof


When an accident occurs as a result of a road being in poor repair and thus dangerous, the courts need to consider the extent of the danger and whether it is due to a failure to maintain or repair… Read More

Miscreant directors avoiding bans

Balance Sheet

Insolvency practitioners R3 have raised concerns that cuts in the funding available to the Insolvency Service (IS) mean that more unscrupulous directors reported to the IS are not being investigated… Read More

Children of Woman Who Died From Flesh-Eating Bug Win £170,000

The children of a woman who died after she was sent home from hospital with a flesh-eating virus have settled their High Court damages claim for £170,000. The mother - who cannot be named to… Read More

Birth Hypoxia Boy Awarded £5.5M Damages Faces NHS Appeal

The family of a teenage boy who was awarded £5.5 million damages after a judge found that he had been negligently starved of oxygen in the few minutes before his birth is facing an appeal by the… Read More

England and Wales becoming litigation capital of the world

England and Wales’ hopes of becoming the litigation capital of the world could be at stake as two multi-million pound international cases were heard at London's High Court. The flagship £25 million… Read More

Co-habitation agreements


A recent case in the Court of Appeal illustrates clearly why it is beneficial for couples who are living together to enter into a co-habitation agreement. Christopher Chapman, an accountant, moved… Read More

Parent company liable


A recent judgment of the Court of Appeal will cause concern for groups of companies, especially those which have adopted group structure because the business carried on by a subsidiary presents… Read More

Legionnaires’ disease

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. Following the recent outbreak in Scotland, the Health and Safety Executive has reminded employers and… Read More

Privacy in your will

The genealogy website Ancestry.co.uk has recently uploaded more than six million probate records covering the period from 1942 to 1966. These include the details of many famous wills and reveal such… Read More

Double-dip may be short-lived


According to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), the present ‘double-dip’ recession may be short-lived as business confidence appears to be improving. However, in… Read More

Sporting events - absence management


In light of the busy sporting summer ahead, with the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and the European Football Championships in addition to the usual annual events, the Chartered Institute of… Read More

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