Mind your step

Posted: 24th May 2012

Uneven pavement A pensioner from Ore in East Sussex has been awarded thousands of pounds in compensation for injuries she suffered when she tripped on a badly maintained pavement outside her house.
Irene Saville, now 73, fell over a hole in the pavement as she was pushing her three-month-old granddaughter in a pram. When she tripped, the pram tipped up and the baby fell out. Mrs Saville scrambled to catch the child, which she managed to do, but she suffered serious injuries to both her hands in the process.
Mrs Saville explained that one of her fingers was ‘almost hanging off’ after her ordeal, and she also grazed her neck. Subsequently, she underwent six months of physiotherapy to try to repair the damage.
She brought a claim against East Sussex County Council, which is responsible for maintaining the pavements in the area. In court, the judge described the condition of the pavement as an accident waiting to happen and Mrs Saville was awarded £5,000. However, the Council has said that it intends to appeal against the decision.

If you have been injured because a local authority has failed to maintain a road or pavement properly, you may be entitled to compensation.