Cowboy will-writers in last corral

Posted: 2nd May 2012

TheCemetary 1 Legal Services Board has announced that will-writing and the administration of estates are to be brought within the list of 'reserved legal activities' - and so better controlled.
The move follows a persistent stream of cases of maladministration of estates and problems with wills drafted by unqualified will writers.
The aim is to ensure that people who charge for drafting wills or administering the estates of deceased persons are 'fit and proper persons' and are registered with an appropriate regulatory body which will ensure that acceptable standards are maintained.
All practitioners in these areas will have to carry professional indemnity insurance as all solicitors presently do.
Many people who have suffered loss due to the activities of 'cowboy' will-writers have subsequently found their attempts to gain recompense thwarted by the absence of insurance cover.