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Prison Service escapes liability!


A claim that the escape of a prisoner caused three prison warders to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder was rejected by the High Court. The prisoner escaped after he faked illness that had led to… Read More

Paintings not fixtures and fittings


The Earl of Cardigan, in the press recently because of his daughter’s appearance on the TV pr0gramme “The Voice”, has lost a case he brought against the trustees of his family estate at Savernake… Read More

TUPE – Service provision change

In Argyll Coastal Services Ltd. v Stirling and Others, a pre-hearing review was held to decide whether or not there had been a service provision change under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection… Read More

Mind your step


A pensioner from Ore in East Sussex has been awarded thousands of pounds in compensation for injuries she suffered when she tripped on a badly maintained pavement outside her house. Irene Saville… Read More

Cohabitee loans repayable


When cohabiting couples fall out, what happens about the family home is often one of the most difficult issues to resolve. In a recent case, a couple had split up after living in a house for several… Read More

Register your tank!


Owners of properties in England with septic tanks dealing with domestic waste are probably unaware that they should have registered them if: • they discharge more than 2 cubic metres into a… Read More

Tax refund? Por favor!


If you have inherited a property in Spain, and as a result have paid Inheritance Tax (IHT) in both Spain and the UK because you were not a resident of Spain at the time, you may be entitled to a… Read More

Lily blows EXTRA time!

Lily F

Nearly a year after winning substantial compensation from her former employer, brave Lily Flurey has been back to the employment tribunal with further complaints of victimization. Having been… Read More

HMRC to educate traders


Following widespread criticism of the 'Business Record Checks (BRC)' regime, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has discontinued it and is designing a new approach based on helping traders keep better… Read More

Problem upon problem


A recent case shows how important it can be when providing a service to make sure that best practice is followed.Proble The case was brought after a pigeon nest was removed from outside a council… Read More

Mandatory retirement - age discrimination?

The Supreme Court has provided useful guidance on the circumstances in which a mandatory retirement age will be justified. The case involved a solicitor whose partnership agreement provided that he… Read More

"Non-dom" employees – dual contracts


Dual or multiple employment arrangements are popular with foreign domiciled employees whose duties are performed partly in the UK and partly outside the UK. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have… Read More

Facts Decided by One Court Cannot be Disputed in Another

When a court has made a decision, it is not open for a person to argue in different proceedings in another court that, on the same facts, a different decision should be reached. A partnership… Read More

Jubilee time off


To mark the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, there is an extra bank holiday this year on Tuesday 5 June. Also, the spring bank holiday, which normally falls at the end of May, has been moved… Read More

Cowboy will-writers in last corral


The Legal Services Board has announced that will-writing and the administration of estates are to be brought within the list of 'reserved legal activities' - and so better controlled. The move… Read More

More PAYE Code Changes Loom

The very same day that the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales was inviting comment from its members because 'We know from your feedback that there is a wide variety of issues… Read More

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