Permanent health insurance

Posted: 4th April 2012

A former partner in a mid-tier accounting firm who was injured in a car crash and is now unable to work has issued a £2 million claim against UNUM, his personal health insurers.
The man suffered spinal injuries in the crash in 2000. He tried to go back to work in 2001, but this was not successful. Benefits were paid under his health insurance policy until 2009, when UNUM ceased making payments.
He has now gone to court alleging various breaches of contract, that payments made were based on the wrong income and that the payments should not have been terminated but should run until his 65th birthday.
The claim totals more than £2 million. UNUM is one of the leading providers of such insurance.
Permanent health policies often give rise to disputes. If you are uncertain about the terms of any policy you hold or your rights to claim for an injury you have suffered, contact us for advice.