Council's care fight with obese woman

Posted: 8th March 2012

Wheelchair Entry
The High Court has ruled that Plymouth City Council must provide care to a woman until a full needs assessment is carried out.
The woman suffers from morbid obesity and claims to be unable to carry out basic household tasks such as washing unaided, walking unaided to the shops or cooking for herself.
The Court agreed that, pending a full assessment of her needs, Plymouth City Council must provide her with support workers to assist her with these tasks and to accompany her to the gym and to weight management classes.
The Council argued that there was copious evidence that the woman could, when motivated, care for herself. It cited her ability to attend pop concerts and discos and to go shopping for alcohol.
The Council also produced evidence that she could use a personal computer, despite her claiming to be unable to use a washing machine or drier.
The needs assessment is expected to take place in May.