Bungled beauty

Posted: 6th February 2012

A journalist whose skin was left scarred after she underwent a cosmetic procedure for a newspaper feature she was writing has won damages from a spa in London.

Charlotte Cripps, an arts writer for the Independent, underwent Intense Pulsed Light treatment, which involves being subjected to an intense, pulsed low-densitylight to rejuvenate the skin. The beauty therapist at the spa said that she would use a high-energy setting in order to achieve better results, but as the hand-held machine was passed over Ms Cripps’ face and chest, she experienced severe pain.

After the treatment, Ms Cripps was covered in rectangular red marks that were raw and painful for many months afterwards. She said that her chest looked like it had been ‘branded with a hot iron’. She required remedial treatment from a doctor specialising in dermatology.

Ms Cripps brought a claim against the spa and has now received a five-figure sum in compensation from its insurance company.
Hospital SignA wide range of cosmetic procedures available in the UK can be carried out without the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. Many doctors are calling for greater regulation of the industry to protect the public from mistakes by unqualified and inexperienced individuals.

If you have been injured because a beauty or cosmetic treatment has been negligently administered, it is important to keep all relevant documentation, such as appointment cards, instruction leaflets and receipts. Where there are visible signs of injury, make sure you obtain photographic evidence.