Gerry Rafferty's estate claim

Posted: 1st February 2012

The fiancée of Rock Musician Gerry Rafferty, who died in 2011, is to apply to the court for financial provision to be made for her out of his estate.
Under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, a person who is dependent on another person who dies leaving insufficient financial provision for them in their will can apply to the court for an order requiring that ‘reasonable financial provision’ is made.
Rafferty had a will, which he made shortly before he met Enzina Fuschini. They became engaged in 2009. He never changed his will.
He left an estate valued at more than £1 million, mainly based on royalties from his several hits in his own name, such as the rock classic ‘Baker Street’, and also from those with Stealers Wheel.
If you are dependent on a person who dies leaving inadequate provision for you in their will, contact us to see if a claim should be made against their estate.