HS2 on track!

Posted: 27th January 2012

Now that approval for the ‘HS2’ high-speed train line between London and Birmingham has been formally announced, the next exercise the Government will be undertaking is a review of the property interests affected by the scheme.
In addition to properties that will need to be compulsorily purchased, many will be affected by the construction works. Later on, there will also be issues relating to the sonic footprint the trains will create and loss of visual amenity. The degree of visual blight will be relatively easy to predict. The impact of noise will be more difficult to guess.
The Government intends to bring in adjustments to current statutory compensation provisions including:
  • a streamlined advance purchase scheme;
  • a sale and rent back scheme;
  • a streamlined small claims scheme; and
  • a package of measures to improve confidence in properties above tunnels
Maps of the proposed routes can be found here.