Consultation on Employment Tribunal fees

Posted: 15th December 2011

Earlier this year, the Government announced its intention to introduce fees for those wishing to lodge a claim with an Employment Tribunal (ET) or an appeal with the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). A consultation paper has now been published seeking views on its proposals.
Two alternative fee options have been put forward for consideration. These are:
Option 1 – an issue fee of between £150 and £250, depending on the nature of the claim, with a further fee of between £250 and £1,250 if the claim goes to a hearing. There would be no limit to the maximum compensation award payable; or
Option 2 – a single fee of between £200 and £600 where the claimant seeks an award of less than £30,000. Those seeking a larger award would pay an additional fee of £1,750.
The proposed fee for lodging an appeal with the EAT is £400, with a hearing fee of £1,250.
Tribunals will have the power to order the loser to reimburse the winner’s fees, so that the cost is ultimately borne by the party that caused the litigation.
The consultation, ‘Charging Fees in Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal’, can be found here.
The consultation closes on 6 March 2012.