Watch your steps!

Posted: 9th December 2011

A woman who fell down a set of temporary steps at Birmingham International Airport has won £28,000 in compensation from Thomson Airways.
She was boarding a flight to Lanzarote when the accident happened. The stairway, between the boarding gate and the aircraft, had not been connected properly and a leak in the roof meant that the surface and the handrail were wet from the rain. The woman slipped and fell headlong down the steps, sufferinJetg a dislocated shoulder and a torn hamstring.
The compensation claim was brought under the Montreal Convention on International Carriage by Air 1999, which unifies the rules governing air carrier liability in the event of injury to passengers or damage to baggage or goods during international journeys. This includes injury to passengers on board the aircraft or in the process of embarking or disembarking. The Convention has the force of law in the UK.