Home care inspections

Posted: 23rd November 2011

Following a series of well-publicised incidents of appalling treatmCare Homeent of elderly residents in care homes, the Care Quality Commission has announced that it intends to begin a programme of inspection of home care providers which will commence in April 2012.
More than 250 providers of domiciliary care are to be subject to audit in a bid to ensure that standards of care and safety are met.
"It's interesting," says Michael Williamson, "that this comes the year after CQC announced that it would no longer conduct unannounced periodic inspections of care homes. We were running a whistleblowing case at the time which featured allegations of poor standards at a local care home."
"The fact is that in any environment where there are no routine patrols standards slip and problems get out of hand. It's just like keeping the weeds under control!"
"Thank goodness we still have a free press and lawyers to champion the rights of those who suffer so that attention is drawn to these issues and they get the priority they deserve".