No deal !

Posted: 10th November 2011

No(el) deal!TV presenter Noel Edmonds’ argument that a friend had agreed to supervise major renovations to his house in Exeter – later sold for £2 million – without charge, was rejected by a judge this week.
Edmonds argued that Ulrik Lawson had agreed out of his friendship to undertake the exercise for nothing.There was no paperwork, the agreement having made ‘on a handshake’.
This claim was made in relation to one of two disputes between the two men, both of which were decided in favour of Mr Lawson.
In addition to the sum awarded by the court to Mr Lawson, Mr Edmonds now faces a bill for legal costs estimated at £800,000.
If you are undertaking any type of business deal, it is essential to get the necessary terms agreed in writing and sensible to do so with the aid of proper legal advice.