Parish council survives!

Posted: 3rd October 2011

In the first case of its kind, the proposed abolition of a parish council has been blocked after the decision was judicially reviewed.

Church 2
Residents of the parish of Offerton Park objected to the abolition of the parish council by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, which claimed that abolition would accord with public wishes since a poll on the question was carried by a majority of 2 to 1. A subsequent petition in favour of the abolition gained 500 signatures.
However, the turnout for the poll was a mere 17 per cent of the electorate and the petition also represented only a small fraction of those within the parish.
The court agreed that there was insufficient evidence that anything other than a small minority of the electorate was in favour of the abolition of the parish council and the decision was overturned.
If a public body takes a decision affecting you or your community on the basis of inadequate reasoning or without proper consultation, this may be open to challenge.