Wind Turbines – New Planning Regulations on the Way

Posted: 24th September 2011

Wind turbineThe UK has been proceeding apace in its attempts to develop ‘green’ energy, and wind turbines are appearing all over the country – including in such seemingly unlikely spots as beside the M25.

However, no matter what their benefits as regards renewable electricity production are, having a wind turbine close by can not only impair your visual amenity but can also prove to be a considerable noise nuisance.
The informal ‘standard’ for the minimum distance between a wind turbine and a residential property is about 350 metres. However, the advent of numerous complaints about noise nuisance where the turbines are further away than that from the premises that are affected has led to a re-think.
A Lincolnshire couple is currently claiming compensation for the nuisance and economic loss created by a wind turbine positioned a kilometre from their house. They claim that the property has been rendered unsaleable by the noise of the device.
It is likely that legislation currently before Parliament, which sets minimum separation standards between wind turbines and residential properties, will come into effect in 2012.
If you become aware of a planning application for a wind turbine or other structure (such as a mobile phone mast) in your vicinity and wish to oppose it, we can advise you on what steps to take.