Health and Safety Made Simple

Posted: 17th August 2011

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a new website, Health and Safety Made Simple, with the aim of making it easier for businesses to comply with the law and manage workplace health and safety. The online resource brings together in one place all the necessary basic information and is particularly aimed at low-risk businesses – particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.

The website:
  • provides simple guidance on how to manage workplace health and safety in a logical and straightforward way;
  • demonstrates the things businesses must do to achieve a basic level of compliance with their health and safety duties; and
  • points businesses in the direction of more detailed information and advice where necessary.
The site will help businesses to:
  • save time on managing health and safety by using the streamlined guidance and direct links to supporting material; and
  • see that in many low-risk businesses health and safety can be adequately managed in house.