ACAS Advice on Disruption Caused by Riots

Posted: 12th August 2011

The damage resulting from the recent riots in London and other major cities will continue to impact on the lives of those homeowners and businesses caught up in the events for many weeks to come, as well as causing disruption to travel arrangements.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service has issued an advice sheet for employers and employees on how to cope with the disruption. This states that, in general, it is important to:
  • keep in touch with each other – if you can't get to work, try to get in touch with your employer to let them know. If your business has been damaged, contact your employees to discuss work arrangements;
  • be flexible about working hours and location, perhaps using smartphones and laptops to help you keep working where possible; and
  • be fair – as an employer, try to take into account the circumstances surrounding absence or timekeeping issues before deciding on the action you might take in terms of leave and pay.
The guidance, which is available here makes key points on how employees’ entitlement to pay and holiday leave arrangements should be dealt with in such circumstances.
If your business has been affected by the recent events and you would like advice on your individual circumstances, contact us without delay.