High Court Acts to Prevent Piracy

Posted: 29th July 2011

The High Court has taken decisive action in the war against the illegal distribution of copyright material by requiring BT, the UK’s largest Internet Service Provider, to block access to ‘pirate’ websites which allow the free download of films and music.

So-called ‘file-sharing’ sites, of which the original Napster site (which is now a commercial operation) is possibly the best known, have been the bane of the performing arts industry for many years.
The action was brought to prevent file-sharing site ‘Newzbin 2’ from distributing copyright material, especially films, which costs major film studios many million in lost profits.
Newzbin 2 is a site that was set up abroad when the original Newzbin site was closed down. By requiring BT to prevent access to it, Internet users in the UK will no longer be able to download copyright material from the site for free.