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‘Paperless’ Revenue and Customs

Whilst a ‘paperless office’, in which the use of paper is virtually eliminated, is the holy grail for those seeking to work in an environmentally friendly way, this aim was not the reason for the… Read More

No Termination on Grounds of Own Breach

When a party to a contract breaches the contract, the other party is normally allowed to bring the contract to an end. It is not normally possible (unless the contract allows it) for the party… Read More

High Court Acts to Prevent Piracy

The High Court has taken decisive action in the war against the illegal distribution of copyright material by requiring BT, the UK’s largest Internet Service Provider, to block access to ‘pirate’… Read More

OFT Offers New Guidance on Competition Law

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has made available a package of materials to help businesses comply with competition law. This includes: · Guidance entitled ‘How Your Business Can Achieve… Read More

The Bribery Act and Entertainment

The Serious Fraud Office has advised that when considering whether expenditure on corporate hospitality can be considered to be a bribe, it will look at five factors: • Whether or not the… Read More

Economic Recovery Remains Fragile

Each quarter, over 6,000 businesses – belonging to Chambers of Commerce in every region of the country – take part in the survey, which covers a wide range of issues, including home sales and… Read More

Court of Appeal Backs ‘Bin Diving’

With a row having brewed up between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur over allegations that West Ham made payments to a member of the committee responsible for making the decision (decided in… Read More

Acceptable Risk Does Not Remove Need for Risk Assessment

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the decision of a lower court that a small risk of serious injury is ‘acceptable’, and thus the failure to carry out a risk assessment was not a contributory… Read More

Company Insolvencies to Rise Say PwC

Despite the recent fall in corporate insolvencies, accountants PwC are predicting that company failures will rise during the year as the reductions in real incomes bite on consumer demand. They… Read More

Sound Mind Assumption Difficult to Dislodge

A recent case illustrates how strong the evidence must be before the presumption that a person making a will has the mental capacity to so will be overturned. It involved an elderly woman who died… Read More

Second Company to be Charged With Corporate Manslaughter

Lion Steel Equipment Ltd is to be charged with manslaughter unde rthe Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007. The prosecution follows the death of a man who fell through a roof panel. Three… Read More

Company Must Follow Rules

When a company is in financial difficulties, the details of its internal regulations tend to be near the bottom of the list when directors are making decisions. Regrettably company law doesn’t make… Read More

Collective Redundancy – The Election of Employee Representatives

If an employer is ‘proposing to dismiss as redundant’ twenty or more employees at one establishment, within a period of 90 days, the collective consultation provisions of Section 188 of the Trade… Read More

HSE Publishes Latest Fatal Injury Statistics

Judith Hackitt, the HSE Chair, said, “The increase in the number of deaths in the last year is disappointing, after an all time low last year. However, we must remember that we still have one of the… Read More

Own Commercial Advantage Paramount in Contract Rules Court

Many contracts require one or both parties to use ‘all reasonable endeavours’ to fulfil the contract. When low-cost airline Jet2 and the operators of Blackpool Airport (BAL) made a contract with one… Read More

Foster Parents Cannot Prevent Adoption Elsewher

When children are placed with foster parents, responsibility for them remains with the local council and the council retains the right to remove the children to a new foster home or to other… Read More

Dodgy Insurance Claim Costs Company Dear

Gilding the lily when making insurance claims is a not uncommon, but dangerous, practice as a company whose premises were damaged by fire found out. When making its claim to the insurer, the… Read More

Conwoman Jailed for Lonely Hearts Fraud

A serial conwoman has been sentenced to three years in prison for defrauding an 81-year-old widower of thousands of pounds. Loraine Upritchard, 53, befriended James Saunders in 2007, after she… Read More

Botched Plastic Surgery Leads to £6 Million Settlement

A woman whose plastic surgery went disastrously wrong has been awarded more than £6 million in damages. The botched surgery left her with the inability to close her right eye, right-sided facial… Read More

Maple Leaf Blues for Mum

Two young children were prevented from being removed to Canada by their mother after the Court of Appeal ruled that to do so would not be in their best interests. The girls’ English father was… Read More

Foreseeability Determines Liability

Tree roots are a frequent cause of subsidence and hence of claim. In a recent case, action was brought relating to damage claimed to have been caused to a house by tree roots. The defendants argued… Read More

Copyright Conviction Leads to Licence Suspension

The licensee of a pub who took a chance by showing football on television without the appropriate licence faces an uncertain future following his conviction for two offences under the Copyright… Read More

Non-Payment of Wages of Employee on Remand

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has upheld a decision of the Employment Tribunal (ET) that an employee was not entitled to be paid his contractual wages during a period when he was remanded in… Read More

One Step at a Time

A family that leapt into action in order to make a claim against their late father’s estate had their claim thrown out by the court recently. The family of Timothy Milburn, who died intestate… Read More

Millions Awarded to Badly Injured Cyclist

A cyclist who was hit by a lorry after he collided with barriers around electrical works has won a settlement worth millions of pounds in compensation for the life-changing injuries he suffered… Read More

Family of Nurse Receives Compensation for Mesothelioma

The family of a woman who died from an asbestos-related disease has received £150,000 in compensation. Christina Bolas trained as a nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and worked… Read More

Compensation for Horse Rider Injured in Fall

A woman who broke her neck during a horse riding lesson has won £60,000 in compensation. Maxine Wright and her husband had been taking riding lessons in preparation for a horse trekking holiday in… Read More

Similar Name Ban is Postcode-Specific

‘Passing off’ is the legal term for when a business seeks to profit from the name or reputation of another business by using a similar name. When the person or business entitled to use a name in a… Read More

No Time to Pay for ‘Tax Planned’ Companies

If If you are used to taking part of your company income by way of dividends (a common tax planning device, the main advantage of which is to save National Insurance), but you require time to pay… Read More

HMRC Sees Sense Over Farmhouse

Farmers will give a sigh of relief following a decision of the First Tier Tribunal in a case in which HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) attempted to deny Agricultural Property Relief (APR) for… Read More

Boy Injured at Birth Wins Right to Damages

A ten-year-old boy, who was left with severe brain damage after being starved of oxygen during his birth at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, has won the right to claim a seven-figure sum in… Read More

HMRC Crackdown Targets Online Traders and Private Tutors

The crackdown on the ‘black economy’ by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is to be extended to those who trade online using eBay or similar sites, and those offering private tutoring. With regard to… Read More

Bribery Act Guidance

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force today. Section 7 of the Act makes it an offence for a commercial organisation to fail to prevent bribery. A business can provide a defence by showing that it had… Read More

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