If You Need to Get Plastered – Ask Your Landlord

Posted: 20th June 2011

When it comes to repair obligations under a lease, most of the respective obligations of landlord and tenant are clear. Occasionally, however, something crops up for which responsibility isn’t clear; and then, the scene is set for a dispute.

Recently, the Court of Appeal had to decide just such a dispute. It dealt with a simple question – ‘If a landlord is responsible for the walls of a property, is it also responsible for the plaster on the walls? ‘
The question was raised by a tenant who had systemic damp problems in the property he rented and who wanted to force the landlord to take remedial action.
The Court ruled conclusively that in such circumstances the responsibility for maintaining the plasterwork on the walls lies with the landlord.
Grand v Gill [2011] EWCA Civ 554