Ombudsman Orders Compensation Following Planning Approval

Posted: 27th May 2011

A Council that took account of the personal circumstances of an applicant for planning permission, when granting an application to construct a bungalow outside the designated development area and in green belt land, has been criticised by the Local Government Ombudsman.
The person who applied for permission to build the bungalow was elderly, disabled and owned a home which was susceptible to flooding. Melton Borough Council granted planning permission despite the objections of the owners of adjoining land and even though the application was contrary to the Council’s stated planning policies and went against the recommendation of the planning officer who had reviewed the application.
The Ombudsman ruled that the owners of the adjoining land should be compensated for the diminution in value of their property as a result of planning permission being granted and awarded an additional £500 for their time and trouble in raising the complaint.