Bribery Leads to $150 Million Settlement

Posted: 12th May 2011

The laws against corrupt practice in the USA are both strong and pervasive, as a recent case illustrates.

It involved a London solicitor who is a US citizen and who was charged in the USA in connection with corrupt practices with regard to contracts worth more than £4 billion that had been awarded in Nigeria to a consortium represented by the solicitor. He paid bribes to high-ranking Nigerian officials between 1996 and 2004.
He fought extradition to the USA on the grounds that the time-lag between the offences and the case coming to trial prevented a fair trial and that the offences were too distant from the US for the courts there to have authority.
Despite that fact that only one of the member firms of the consortium was American, he was extradited to the USA and negotiated a plea bargain with the US authorities. This involved him agreeing to forfeit nearly $150 million.
He is scheduled for sentencing in June and could face a maximum prison sentence of five years for each of to two offences.